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If one day all the non-human animals in the world began to attack us do you think your pets would try to protect you or would they join their counterparts in the war against the humans?

Asked by tinyfaery (44035points) August 19th, 2011 from iPhone

I think 5 out of my six cats would try to help me. The sixth cat and my bunny would definitely bone out.

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Dogs would protect us, they know we’ll take better care of them than some animal, but I think the cats would be split somewhere around 50–50.

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Yeah, we thought about this after watching the new Apes movie last night. One of our dogs would stay, one would kill our cat and another dog (she keeps trying every few months) and if those two survived then they’d book out of here. I think our animals would assume we can fend well for ourselves.

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Is there an allegory hidden in this question?

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Never underestimate the call of the wild.

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I pets are “non-human” so by default, that makes them one of the attackers, along with the sparrows outside in the trees, the sguirrels that shuttle across the wires, down to the lizards Inky keeps dragging into my bedroom.

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I think most of my cats would have my back. However, I know that my mom’s would turn to the darkside or at least against me ;)

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My (two) cats hate other cats. They get all angry if they see one in our yard. So they’d totally be on our side.

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Depending on what caused all other animals to start attacking humans, (goodness knows as a species we often deserve it), we could have a better idea of how dogs who live with us and are well treated and sometimes even pampered would behave.

My older dog has always devoted his time to cultivating the relationship with his people. The younger one is still pretty self-centred. Once her “adult” brain kicks in, she may change.

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We have a bird who has a thirst for my blood and a cat who would probably turn on me at a moments notice, so I’d be toast!

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They’d be my in and recommend me to the non-human leadership as a potential double agent.

Shit, I gotta get some pets, quick.

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The dust bunnies in my flat would probably gang up and suffocate me in me sleep – and they’re not even alive! :P

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The ants and roaches would definitely protect us. They know which side of the floor their bread is buttered on.

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hmmm, giving the animals some hard stares while pondering this question

I think the dogs are pretty well aware that they can’t even open doors without my help and the cat is a big, lazy pussy. So the dogs would support me and the cat would hide in the bathtub until it’s all over, then emerge stretching and yawning.

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My cat is too stupid to switch sides! He’d probably sleep through the whole thing.

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I know for a fact my dog Mac wouldn’t let anything touch me!!

My other dog Rusky would try but you see he is 14 years old so I think somewhere along the line he might not be that effective.

As for my rabbits, I think they will pretty much continue pooping and eat mangoes:)

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My cat is a huge pussy (hurr hurr). He would either hide, or beg for my protection.

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One of my cats is older but he wines when he knows that we are home and ignoring him. I think he’d be on our side, but our other cat would just get scared and run.

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My dog made me his bitch, and I know he wouldn’t share.

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That might depend on what causes this to happen…if it’s like a zombie virus, but for animals, no animal would be kept safe from sudden violence.
Otherwise, I’m thinking that dogs may be more willing to attempt and protect their owners than cats…at least, my cats would prolly just walk off goin, cuz I jess dun give a fuck.

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Dogs would be loyal to their humans. Cats would be masterminding the war.

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My old cat would have, he was very dog like and aggressive with strange animals in his territory. The newer girl, no, she’s a pussy too, and would hide. haha

Marwyn my goose would come to my aide, all pounding wings and tweaking beak, he is my resident Jehovahs’ Witness monitor and number one watch goose on the hill over here.

He single beakedly ran off a car load of witnesses once, including a powerful left hook to a little old lady witness. lol

He is patroling the perimeter of my yard in my avatar, it’s his job!

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@Coloma – that is so neat that you have a goose!

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I think I figured it out… @Coloma is the ringleader!

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Geese are great! My guy is 13, they can live 20+ years, best “dog” I ever had. haha


It was funny and worrisome at the same time, Marwyn pummeling this tiny, ancient woman and me wanting to laugh while simultaneously wondering if I could be sued for a goose attack on my property. lol


My Akita’s much too loyal to turn his back on me. He’d die for me.

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<—-The kitty pictured would go with whoever had the best kibble

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@MRSHINYSHOES, I am jealous! I SO much would love an Akita! If I had a stronger body and we didn’t live on a fairly busy street I would have one also.

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@MRSHINYSHOES He’d die for me. He might die choking on your thigh bone. He is an animals and if all the animals start attacking humans for some reason, I doubt he will be immune. Just as I will have to be aware of my cats. They maybe small but their have claws that can shred you like confetti. Look on the good side, he will at least spit out the Speedos LOL LOL LOL

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I have a cat… He would cower in a corner until confronted and then tear the living shit out of anything that threatened him…

I would be completely on my own. It’s a downside to owning a cat


@Hypocrisy_Central In all the 5 years that I’ve had him, he has never growled or snapped at me, not once. He’s the biggest, gentlest, cutest, furry giant. But if the meter guy comes within 20 feet of our yard, he growls and bares his teeth——very scary!

Hmmm, I think he’d love the taste of my Speedos. lol-lol.

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