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[SFW] Can you post some pictures or stories of great looking tails?

Asked by ETpro (34511points) November 1st, 2013

TGIF and time to turn to a terrific tail or two. Maybe you’ve got some photos you snapped stored on your hard drive. If so, upload them to a photo sharing site, and post a link. If there’s a backstory that goes with the image/s, please post it. If you don’t have photos of your own to share, feel free to link to ones found in a Bing or Google image search. How about a tale of tails to share? Oh, and if you prefer to share a tail or two that’s too tarty for tame tastes, try the NSFW version of this question.

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@thorninmud That’s a beautiful skink. What we call blue tailed skinks around here are actually juvenile five lined skinks (adult).

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@syz Oh, I didn’t realize that was a juvenile feature.

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Hope no one’s posting pics of juveniles over on the NSFW version

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@ucme M R sum grate tales of tails.

@elbanditoroso Couldn’t find any tales of tailing piles in teals?

@thorninmud It’s just not fair that any animal have a tail that beautiful.

@syz That 5-lined skink is a beautiful critter, as well.

@thorninmud Not to worry. It’s quite forgivable to admire how cute and adorable juvenile animals are.

@Kardamom Ha! The pièce de résistance.

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