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Anyone have the HTC sensation?

Asked by johnny0313x (1840points) August 20th, 2011

Does anyone own the HTC Sensation? I’m gonna get it tomorrow and I’ve done alot of reading up on it..just curious what your opinions are?

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One of those questions that caused me to imagine all sorts of things before I read the details. “What kind of sensation is HTC? hard to categorize? have the chills? holier than Christ?” <sigh> No, I’m just out of touch again. No touch, no sensation.

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I’m confused but it’s a phone lol

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I’m with you, @Jeruba What does HTC stand for. Is it some kind of modern youth thing? No. It’s a telephone. How disappointing.

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I would have loved an answer to this question as I am looking to get one tooooo. I want the HTC evo though.. but I wanna know how the phone generally performs.

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I got it and I have to say I love it. It took a minute to get used to but now I can’t put it down haha. I’ll be honest i’ve noticed a few things that seem a little glitchy but nothing that you can’t live with or takes away from the user experience.

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