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Where should the headphone jack on a phone be located?

Asked by Osutin (5points) June 30th, 2013

I had a quick question about where people feel that the headphone jack on phones should be. Should it be on the bottom of the phone, kinda like the iPhone and many iPods, or should it be on the top, like almost all of the Android phones? If you’d like, please give reasons for your choice.

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The iPhone has the jack on the top. At least the 4 and 4s, and I think the 5

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Bottom. I put my ipod touch in my pants pocket headphones jack up for obvious reasons. So it is cleaner and in a single movement can see the screen without moving the cord out of the way. I think all iPod touches have been this way and the iPhone only started putting it on the bottom on the 5.

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TOP is “easier” for me

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I never had an iPod, but I’ve had iPhones since they came out and the OG through the 4S have the jack on the top. The 5 has the jack on the bottom.

Like JP, I put the phone in my front pocket on the left side, so the current position is perfect. I also find that it is better when the phone is mounted in my car (I use the phone so rarely, it’s silly to deal with a BT headset and keeping it charged). Even just handling the phone with the headset in is easier with the cord coming down towards the body than up and away from it.

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Everything else I’ve had or currently have with a headphone jack has it on top, so it’d be weird if my phone were different. Plus, it’s easier to prop the phone up in portrait mode with futzing with a dock,

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I have an IPOD touch and the jack is on the bottom. My android phone had a jack on top. I frankly don’t care which end it is on. What I would like is for the jack to be water proof. I’ve dropped my in the pool and hot tube a couple times and the only pace water can get in or out is through the phone and power jacks on the bottom. It would save long dry out times. Water won’t hurt the electronics if it’s clean. Don’t recharge it until you’re sure the water has evaporated out of the phone or IPOD touch.

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I prefer it on the bottom. I always carry my phone in my pocket. I’m in the construction trade and I always carry my phone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus, headphone port is on the bottom) right side up in my pocket. With the micro usb port and the headphone jack on the same end, debris that falls in my pocket doesn’t land inside of any ports. Also, if it’s lightly raining and I’m talking or looking at my phone, I am assured that water can’t enter the phone from a top-side port.

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iPhone 5 has the jack on the same end as the multipin connector.


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I think top and bottom are equally valid positions.

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I had a new idea.

It should be on the face of the phone!

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I like the audio jack on the top of the phone because I don’t want to look at the screen upside down with the earbuds plugged in.

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