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Are any of you who use the Chrome browser having trouble asking questions?

Asked by augustlan (47715points) August 20th, 2011

I’ve been contacted by a member who’s not able to ask questions while using Chrome. It seems that the ‘continue’ button isn’t working properly for him. He tried clearing his cache, but that didn’t help. He was finally able to ask his question using Internet Explorer. Is anyone else having this problem?

I’m just trying to determine if this is something on our end, or his. Thanks!

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I just asked a question 2 hours ago, and I only use Chrome.
I also just tried to ask a new one and was able to get through the first 2 “continue” buttons no problem.

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I use Chrome and I asked questions today.

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I use Chromium, which runs similarly. I haven’t had problems.

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Interesting. I don’t know what else to suggest to him to get it working properly. Any ideas?

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Does Chrome have any Java control or ad/image blocking options?

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Have the user disable all plugins. If it works, have him re-enable the plugins one-by-one.

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Chrome works like a charm on my end.

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That would be me. I guess I can try uninstalling then reinstalling Chrome.

Edit: Nevermind, that’ll be a last resort. I don’t want to lose all my extensions and apps.

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Nop, asking and answering problem free.

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@comicalmayhem: “Edit: Nevermind, that’ll be a last resort. I don’t want to lose all my extensions and apps.”

Are you kidding? This is Chrome we’re talking about. All of that stuff is synced.

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Just to throw this out there, every now and then, the same thing happens to me on my phone’s browser. Very occasionally the “continue” button will remain grayed out even after I’ve written my question, and so I cannot move onto the next step to add details. When this happens, I also can’t answer any questions because the answer button is grayed out. When I restart my phone, however, the problem disappears, so I think the problem is on my end and not Fluther’s. I’ve never had any problems with Fluther while using my computer (but I use IE).

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I have had occasional Fluther glitches using Chrome. Fixed by disabling extensions, then clearing all cookies with Maxa Cookie Manager (logs you out of Fluther), close browser, restart browser and log back into Fluther. Re-enable extensions once Fluther is working smoothly again.

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Yes.. I have problems now.

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Now I’m not having problems and I didn’t do anything.

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