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I keep going to the same sites over and over again when I'm bored. I feel like it's some kind of bad habit. Anybody know how to "get over it"?

Asked by ChocolateReigns (5624points) December 17th, 2009

I had StumbleUpon, but then I switched to Chrome instead of Firefox. Do you know if there’s a way to use StumbleUpon on Chrome? Or can you think of some other sites to do besides Fluther, Facebook, and Youtube? I really don’t like those stupid little games that are really all the same with different plotlines.

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This may sound strange, but have you considered taking up a different hobby altogether…like some sort of craft hobby?

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Edited by me for not reading the question carefully.

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@SirGoofy I have tried crafts..I find that I’m quite good at starting a project, but I am dreadfully terrible at finishing things.

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Though I’m a little bit with @SirGoofy on this, on his advice for you, I have just the opposite problem on the internet. I can’t stop finding sites and pages that I find fascinating. One things leads to another and another and 3 hours later I still haven’t gotten around to doing whatever it was I intended to do when I first got online to do or research or whatever.

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Haha, I mostly use chrome, but i have firefox in backup for when i want to use stumbleupon .
Also, there is a web-based stumble-upon toolbar, if you didn’t already know =)

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@ChocolateReigns I’ve been trying to figure this out for years! (+1GQ)

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@ChocolateReigns Same, for a period of time, i tried making model cars and stuff, but I didn’t have the patience to paint them well. I ended up just dipping the finished models in a paint bucket, then regretting it later when I found them stuck to my fireplace mantle.

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Actually there’s a StumbleUpon extension for chrome.

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@LocoLuke Yeah, after a few years of hitting the dashboards with a one-bristle paintbrush, I kind of got sick of models myself.

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@lillycoyote, I know exactly what you mean. I still need to do my 2007 taxes on TurboTax…

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o i get what you mean, you could go swimming, arts and craft, cooking, whiting, reading, hangen out with some friends, theres a lot of stuff you could do on the computer or off the computer. what do you like to do?

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Make a stumblupon account and download the stumbleupon toolbar, or you could go on a walk.

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I once dug up an indian burial site, and I had crazy nightmares where my teeth fell out for weeks. Hope this helps!

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