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What's the most random thing you've seen a person do?

Asked by Berserker (33524points) August 20th, 2011

It can be someone you know, love or hate. Could be a complete stranger, too. Describe what you saw, what happened, and the overall experience.

Right now, my roomate is installing a series of clothes hanging hooks on the back of her bedroom door. For once, I’m not bashing her here. It’s completely fine but…it’s almost one in the morning. Sure, some people do all sortsa weird stuff at night, but this just seems weird to me. She’s got her hard ground habits and behaviours, and you can read her like a book. But every now and then, she does something totally weird like this. Well it’s not that it’s weird, it’s just not her, if you get what I mean. I hear screws dropping all over the place, it’s pretty funny lol.
She found an old t shirt in her boxes downstairs that has pictures she drew as a kid, printed on the shirt. It’s a drawing of her and her grandfather sitting by a tree, and another one of that grandfather fixing dinner. On the back, it’s a photo of her as a kid and her aunt. I’m guessing that has something to do with it, some kinda sentimental impact. But it sure all seems random to me.

But who the heck goes snooping around basements at midnight outta nowhere, anyways? besides me XD To be fair, she was doing laundry, so she prolly got bored.

When I was a kid, I was coming back from school, and met up with two friends in my area, after getting off the bus. We were walking around, when we saw this perfectly looking normal guy, with a suit, briefcase and hat. All of a sudden…he starts charging towards us, screaming gibberish at the top of his lungs, he looked like an animal. I mean that was mad. I avoided him by like an inch, and one of my friends was laughing like crazy at the guy. We ran away after that, so I don’t know what happened to him. None of us really talked about it. I remember telling my dad, but I don’t remember what the follow up was. I’m guessing he snapped outta nowhere, or maybe he was mentally ill somehow. But it was messed up, and seemingly random.

You got stories like this?

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10 x=rnd(100)
20 ?x
30 goto10

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A while ago, a good friend of mine suggested we make a trip to Walmart while he was stoned. Then we went..

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@Blondesjon wut

lol XD

@Joker94 So, how did that turn out?

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@Symbeline I can honestly say, I haven’t had a trip to Walmart like it since!

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Ok. My buddy in college insists I try acid. He says it is all good, its the best hi you can ever have.

I am in his dorm room. We drop. I start tracing. He looks at me, he says I lied. He says acid breaks the universe somehow and every time you drop, something unexplained happens. I say you fucking bastard. He says watch, “I wish two hot women show up”.

I say, that is not gonna work, he says, watch.

We listen to buffet and spin stuff in his room.

Knock on his door. Three hot women. They say, we heard you guys are running a bar out of this room. My buddy says, come in for a drink, two of them do.

Two of these girls, in fact, come in. They do shots, start making out, both of them with me. My friend goes, ok, we are gonna hit the weird part now, and he opens the door.

The third girl, from somewhere far down the corridor, yells “everybody hates me!” and I watch her run past, jump, slam into the closed window, rebound on to the floor. My friend goes, “Don’t you love tripping?” The girl gets up and tries it again.

The girl closer to my face says, she is a little dramatic.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Wow…what the ef. Thanks for sharing. That girl, what the hell was her problem lol?

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I watched my kid on one 4th of July night lay an artillery mortar charge on the ground to watch what would happen if he didn’t use the tube to launch it straight up. What the fuck, It doesn’t take a genius to guess correctly what will happen but did it anyway. We had colored fireballs going everywhere bouncing off shit- arms over our heads running for cover, dog running under the porch. Yup we figured right so, now, we officially know that is a bad idea even if it was funny.

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@woodcutter Sounds like an awesome fourth of July to me. :D XD

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A female friend of mine in college wanted to prove how far she could piss. She squatted down and a stream of piss started to shoot out and land 6 feet from where she was squatting.

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@Symbeline My ole lady was the only one not amused. Of course we didn’t let her in on the gag before.

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@jonsblond…damn man lol. :D

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My wife can dig a trench when she goes out in nature. I am so jealous.

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Sing grace accompanied with a dance over a Big n Tasty in a McD’s.

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The most strange, random thing I can remember anyone doing is I was in San Fran once and this older guy was sitting on a bench. Then nonchalantly he leans over and up chucks some very loose vomit. Then straightens up and stares straight-ahead, then about 25 seconds later does it again. And repeated the motion again, and again like one of those ducks that bob in a glass. After about 90 seconds, I had to move to another area.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Jesus…that poor guy. I don’t think I woulda wanted to sit around and watch this go on either, though.

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A youngish panhandler on the subway asked some old dude for spare change. I guess the man was having a bad day, because he said in a rather angry tone of voice “How would you like to just get away from me?”, to which the panhandler replied “I’d like to pee on you…” and walked away. The old guy stood and yelled “How would you like a swift kick in the ass?”

I still laugh about it 15 years later.

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Niiice lol. Nice but…I wanna pee on you? Lol. XD Cool. :D

Reminds me of a story…I was hanging around, and this other chick was standing around, and some guy came by and asked her if she had 75 cents for the bus. She gave him one dollar, and he’s all bitching that it isn’t 75 cents. He got agitated, so she walked off, and then the guy’s all like, I’ll kick you in the ASS! He mimicked his sentence by throwing his leg in the air…some fucked up shit out there, man…

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I met a guy in a club, he was very drunk and had a fishing rod. “Why do you have a fishing rod?” I asked him. He stood up and said, “Watch, follow me”.

We went outside, and he takes out two tins of paint, he said “The trick is to switch colors”. I asked him what he meant by that. He then proceeded to paint his white feet black and his black shoes white. He then marched down to the beach and stood in the water as he cast the line from his rod in to the water. “You see… fish are kind of like T-rex” he shouted. I asked him what he mean, he said “Their vision is based on colors, when you switch it up it confuses them”. I said to him “thats cool” and walked off wondering what the hell was wrong with him.

About 3 or 4 hours later I came back out of the club, lo and behold there he is still in the water, punching the living daylights out of the waves, shouting totally incoherent things while 5 or 6 Guardia Civil cops are shouting at him “This is your last warning” as they all aim their guns at him. They dragged him out, and took him away.

About a month later I bumped in to him at about 4am as I walked home, he was carrying a cured ham pig’s leg, was barefoot, and had his feet painted black, and for some reason now could only seem to speak german.

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Hmmm. I think the oddest “random” thing I’ve seen is an old man who collapsed (or tripped) standing at the registration counter at my doctor’s office. He hit his head on the granite countertop, and cut a big gash in his forehead. I was absolutely frozen; and I can only hope that the reality of this happening in a doctor’s office was what kept me from going to his aid.

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This was a complete stranger, I saw him rollerskating down the city high street, wearing a pink lycra bodysuit, and holding a live white rabbit. I’ve since seen the same man (dressed normally) with the rabbit in a bag.

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I witnessed this drunken bloke drink a pint of piss one time down the pub.

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Sorry did you say pint of piss?

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I believe there’s nothing wrong with your reading skills.

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Yes the guy in question had evidently been bet a sum of money to do this. A couple of his “chums” pointed percy at the pint glass & bob’s your uncle. Typical pseudo macho bullshit performed by your average neanderthal.

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I’ve seen Bear Grylls do it to stay alive and even he makes a nasty face. On a dare? That’s gonna make me gag to witness it.

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What….& I was all like, “let’s have a taste!” Nah, I was as sickened as just about everybody else who saw the spectacle.

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@ucme Could it have been a set up to just gross out the place and it was really beer the whole time? The two do look very similar if they don’t use dark beer. I mean how did they go about getting the piss in the glass? They must’ve had an official peeper to verify the guy had his tap in the glass?

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Okay look, when you’re there & you see the look on people’s faces, you just know it’s the real deal. Besides, the guy involved is well known as a complete fucking nutter. As for how did they get the piss in the glass, ever heard of a toilet?

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If they dipped the glass the toilet then it was mostly water..and beer. The guy has a pretty good scam going there.

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You’re wrong & here’s the funny part, you keep repeating the trick, but anyway.

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