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Are there statistics available somewhere that show how many people die per year from day to day dangers that we all ought to know better?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25184points) August 22nd, 2011

Like sticking a fork in a toaster, or swimming in a lightning storm, or talking on your phone while pumping gas?
Do the hazards of every day life fall into the Darwin awards category, or are there statistics about these weird facts somewhere out there?

Yes, this is what I think about while I’m making breakfast… and no, I did not stick my fork in the toaster.

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What you want to do is research “mortality statistics”, and here is a good place to start.

I don’t think you’re likely to find individual accident causes broken down to the granularity that you’re talking about in your question – unless you probe deeper into “fatal accident statistics” (which are certainly available somewhere, but maybe not to the general public via free searches).

In the USA in 2009 (preliminary statistics) there were 117,106 accidental / unintentional deaths in the US, making “accidental death” the fifth leading cause of death.

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There should be more but it will discourage a lot of people to do more casual things.

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@Hibernate well, I think we do want to discourage people from sticking forks in the toaster.

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We’re constantly bombarded with statistics so i’m sure there’s got to be a stat attack somewhere out there on this subject. I know one thing though, the kitchen is a bloody minefield of potential danger & i’m not just talking about the wife’s cooking…....for once!

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Many accidents happen in the home, just like ‘they’ say that most car accidents happen within a few miles of home.

I can testify to that, and, just last night, I bent down in my garage to move a small trash can and slammed my head into a heavy metal basket that hangs on the wall with my wilderness night time arsenal of a giant flashlight, smaller flashlight, lantern & binoculars and the whole thing fell on my head. Ow! Nearly killed in my own garage. lol

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@ANef_is_Enuf But how else do I get a hamburger bun out?

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@Coloma holy moly, ouch!
@zenvelo very carefully. Why do you have a hamburger bun in the toaster, anyhow?

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You can’t talk on the phone while pumping gas?

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@sliceswiththings you aren’t supposed to, it is usually posted on the gas pumps or around the parking lot. I’m fairly sure it is harmless, though.

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Why not? I’ve never seen that.

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@sliceswiththings supposedly there is a slight chance that it could ignite a fire, but I believe the chances are virtually non-existent. I just know that all of the gas pumps around me say not to use a phone while pumping gas. Maybe it has something to do with distraction. I have no idea, it just fit in with my little examples of this sort of crap.

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This comes close.

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@ratboy wow! That’s crazy.

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@ANef_is_Enuf nah. That one is okay as long as your hands are not wet. What we need to teach people not to do is stick cds/dvds in the microwave oven :)

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I have a book somewhere? The title of which is something like, 101 stupid ways to die…… something like that… not so much current statistics but a fascinating read all the same. I recall a German chap who attempted to change a light bulb in his toilet / Bathroom, that had blown while he was answering the call of nature…. He stood on the bowl to reach the lighting rose too remove the blown bulb, slipped & some how managed to hang himself on the bathroom door?? :-/

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