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Do people deserve to die?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) September 24th, 2008

I don’t just mean via cap. punish, but are there just some people who don’t deserve a life? Why? Why not? Who would choose?

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There are some people who not only deserve to die, but there are those who should never have been born.

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To answer this question fairly we must define what death is. Do we have a belief in heaven? Do we believe in reincarnation? Do we believe in 17 virgins?

It is true that our physical body will decay but some believe that the soul lives on.

In cases of capital punishment our society by law has stated that some people have done such vicious and heinous acts that the State can have the power to end their physical life.

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Everybody deserves to die. Life without death would be meaningless. And very overcrowded

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I have to agree that there are some individuals whose lives seem to offer nothing but pain and misery to the rest of the world, and they have no redeeming qualities. Those people do deserve to die, in my opinion, and the world would have been better off had they never been born.

Imagine if Hitler had never been born! Or, on a lesser scale, any number of serial killers, and pedophile murderers. Had they not been born, the world would be a better place.

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@ rickisgirl, i agree completely.

@JA Stop trying to suck up. lol

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Everyone deserves to die….but for some, as Rickisgirl stated above…they just need to die faster than others.

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With the exception of the mentally ill, any mother that deliberately kills her infant or children deserves to die.

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death is inevitable. It will happen. It’s part of life. Every second that passes is closer to death. Deserving, no.

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There’s a fair number of people who think they deserve to die, and some of them grant themselves the end they feel they deserve.

Life is an incredible gift. It’s very sad when people can’t enjoy it. Such unhappiness!

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Ummmm…some of you just totally skipped over answering the question…

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We are all sinners, and the penalty for sin is death.
Romans 3:23 & 6:23

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I agree.

Let’s kill 323 Romans, then kill 623 more of them.

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@Jack…do you ever work?

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Yeah I believe that some people do deserve to die. They’re usually the same that would have been better off in a tissue and on a tampon. They’re the useless. The ones with no morals, no discipline, no respect and nothing positive to contribute to anything.

Why is kind of subjective and answers the who as well. If we are allowed to choose those that we wish were never born, the earth would be totally unpopulated. Thus the idea that someone else needs to make that decision for us comes into play. Who’s qualified to do that? Our government? A deciding body of civilians? Both are inherently and grossly flawed.

Unfortunately there is no good or right answer to the why or who. I feel that my wifes siblings are a waste of space, but I’m not very objective in the matter. I think that since death is hard to come by that maybe there should be an intelligence/morality test for you to have children. At 21 if you’re still the retard you were at 18, like a dog, you get spayed or neutered. But who would administer that test? Again, problematic.

I think that if we ever had a system like that it would be too imperfect to sustain. It doesn’t make me want it any less, although I’m sure that someone would have off’d me by now as well.

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There was someone that I felt deserved to die for what they did to me and to some others. He had no respect for others, no respect for life and had no problem with inflicting pain upon others…so yes. I’ll answer. Some people deserve to die. I’m not talking the death penalty…I’m talking revenge. THAT is an honest answer from me.

Would I have ever acted on my feelings. No. I’m not the judge or jury. Did I cry when he killed himself, no and I didn’t celebrate, either.

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Here is my line of thinking.

There are some who believe their entire life’s purpose IS to die and go to the next phase, be it heaven or whatever.

I was, to be honest, surprised at the totality of negative “vibe” so far in saying not only do people deserve to die but some should never have been born.

We are, to a very strong extent, a byproduct of what we go through in our lives. Some great people have overcome very difficult circumstances. And some not so great people have used less difficult circumstances as an excuse for failure and complaining.

That is not to say that there are not exceptions.

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I think we all deserve to die, at some point. I can’t imagine the pain of living endlessly, so I would eventually welcome the end. To die is a basic human right, deserved by all. Perhaps a different question would be: “Does everyone deserve to live?” hmm. I must go check fluther to see if anyone has posed this question…

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@deaddolly: whoops, sorry, missed the WHOLE part of your question…“are there some people who don’t deserve a life?”. Well, then. We must be great minds, thinking alike.

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I’m not sure that anyone deserves to die, we just eventually do.

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I could introduce you to a lot of people that are a waste of air….

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Are politicians considered “people”?

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Not really.

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if someone is a waste of air, is that really a reason for them to die? if they commit a serious crime that’s one thing, but people killing others or thinking others should die because they ‘don’t deserve a life’ is just a cycle of revenge…so my answer is a no. you’d be just like as people have said, Hitler, if you just think someone should die.

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There are many things that make them a waste of air. I was just using that as a description…
Haven’t you ever met anyone who was the scum of the earth, either by what they did to others or themselves? I have. I can introduce you…I’m sure they’re still slithering around somewhere…

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I have met people like that, but also, aren’t those the kind of people that make you change your ways/prevent yourself from being that way? Never the less, they’re important to someone at sometime

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Hmm, this is an interesting question. Take my ex husband for example. He is a hopeless drunk who hasn’t worked since 1987. He is considered disabled, but he is perfectly able to hold a job. Instead, he chooses to live off of society and collect social security while he sits on his ass drinking and smoking 24/7. He’s had 9 heart attacks, and has not paid a penny on any of the bills he received from his bypass surgery and hospital stays. He was too drunk to show up for his daughter’s wedding, and she had to give him 30 bucks to drive the 25 miles to her house to see his new Grandson. In 9 months time, don’t you think he could have saved up that much instead of getting it from her? We all know it didn’t cost that much for gas, so guess where the rest of the money went?

Does he deserve a life? Probably not, But does he deserve to die? I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide this. He is sponging off us all, and will continue to do this until he breathes his last. Your tax dollars are buying him beer and cigarettes, as are mine. he dosen’t care about this. The only thing he cares about is where his next beer is. It takes three just to sit upright in bed when he wakes up. Another 3 is what he needs to actually get out of bed. He takes a cooler full of beer to bed every night so he can get up the next day. So, does he deserve a life? Nope!

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I would never be that way, so no, they do nothing but irriate me to the point of wanting to have them killed.
I should start keeping a list…

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Me again…not only should some ppl die, but some deserve to die horrible deaths ala Hostel…

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Dying is the price of living…..

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Some people probably do deserve to die earlier than others. I wouldn’t want to be the one to make those decisions, though.

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“Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement.”

That said, my friend and I are working on an idiot ray that will purge the earth of the unworthy. Though named a “ray”,* it is in fact a device which will eliminate anyone on the planet who meets criteria indicative of idiocy, which are yet to be decided (“nukular” is already on the list).

*The “ray” part of the name is only because of the devices relation to the death ray that we have already constructed.

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wow, what a godlike group we are today.

And I realize I am at risk of death by going against the majority on this but the ease that everyone is saying “they don’t deserve a life”. I just don’t know. That is pretty heavy.

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@aidje-that sounds like quite a device.

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If some people deserve to die for the pain/death/suffering they cause, then we all deserve to die, because we are all responsible for those “crimes”. But, like I’ve said before, I have no right to decide if/when/how someone should die.

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@ tinyfaery – That makes sense to me. To deserve to die and me deciding who are two different things.

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Most people don’t even think that an individual can decide for themselves that it is time to die.

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I’ve never casued anyone pain or suffering, unless you count my birth. And my mom forgave me for that long ago.

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If you drive a car, eat meat, kill spiders, buy a product manufactured by 7 year olds in Burma, break somebody’s heart, walked by someone in need, etc… you have caused/and or have contributed to pain and suffering. But that’s just my way of viewing the world.

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With dignity.

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we don’t deserve what we get, and we don’t get what we deserve

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Well, I have read where some folks get their just deserves

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The woman who cooked her infant in a microwave deserves to die.

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(BEFORE she did it).

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I agree with THAT!

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Microwaves cook from the inside out, so imagine the pain that little infant suffered, without understanding or knowing why.

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I think the same should be done to the woman.

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I’d be willing to bet that you have, no matter how hard you’ve tried not to do so (as tinyfaery has already pointed out).

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I’m having a heart attack reading all this unbelievably cruel, self-important commentary.
Goodbye fluther, it was fun till now.

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@aidie and tinyfaery I would consider not most of those to be causing pain and suffering.

I do eat meat. let’s not go there.
I do drive a car. ????
I only kill spiders when they move in with me.
I have NEVER broken anyone’s heart.
I have never consiously bought anything from a 7 year old etc.
And always stop to help.

I mean you could go further and at you cause pain etc when you cut the grass or pull a flower out of the ground.

It’s all a matter of perception.

And, I’m nearly perfect. lmao

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I was not referring to tinyfaery’s examples; I simply did not provide any of my own. If it helps, I’ll add a couple of things. First, there’s a song that says “I join the oppressors of those I choose to ignore.” I think that is all too true. More concretely, it is a known fact that almost all chocolate production is extremely shady. If you eat chocolate, you’re pretty much supporting slavery, like it or not.

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Then women in the US are the worst child labor/slavery advocates EVER, especially when they’re having one of their own! Hankerin’ for a chocolate covered pickle, with chocolate ice cream and chocolate shavings off of a chocolate chocolate. I BLAME YOU! now buy me chocolate

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What if we look at this from a different angle, what about euthanasia? If someone has suffered for a long time, and have fought as best they can, but decide they don’t want to try anymore, do they deserve to die? Have they deserved- by their suffering and struggling- the choice to end their own life?

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yes. Everyone should be allowed to make the decision to die with dignity. Ill or otherwise.

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Yes, I agree delirium. It’s about dignity and the quality of life.

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I think people deserve to die because they deserve to re-born and re-unite their loved ones

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Very interesting discussion, but most important:
Who would decide?

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I have a list ready…so I guess I decided.

You mean to appoint a person or persons to decide? Judge’s decide peoples fates daily. As far as I’m concerned, more should be put to death and sooner.

For the terminally ill; if they are capable – they should decide. If not able; a family member.

This, of course, is the gospel according to deaddolly.

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I guess there are some. I’d be happy to choose! lol…but not really. That all depends on what they have done. If they have killed many, perhaps. If they are just an ass, not so much. However, many people are killed everyday for doing the right thing and some have been criticised for it.

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This is a ridiculous question. Everybody,(and every living thing) however inevitable as it may be, will die. So quite frankly, yes, we all deserve to die. Now for the afterlife, That is as subjective as what soda pop or candy bar or vegetable you prefer… People have killed over this subject for hundreds of years and have shown no signs of slowing down, let alone stopping. So, as an American, lets let “God” be the judge and let hipocracy rule over all things moral and true.

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And Mr M, microwaves cook from the outside in, have you not eaten something so woeful as an undercooked hotpocket? With its deceptive hot steamy outside, and its cruel cold inner? If you dont agree with abortions, dont have one.

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@bgalindo22 It isn’t a ridiculous question. Look at the topics, one of them is opinion.

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my answer is: should people who are going to rape children deserve this life? if you think YES, god help us all. god help us all, anyway

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Holy old question, Batman.

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Doesn’t matter because we all do regardless. *Which I think is worse considering some people actually don’t. *Take that anyway you like, I probably didn’t mean it the way you think.

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