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What's the alternative to flickr?

Asked by diceliving (87points) May 5th, 2008 from iPhone

just in case microsoft come back for yahoo

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iwamoto's avatar (simple and easy) and are the first ones that come to mind

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You can download picasa to organize you photos, and then publish them on google’s web albums. You can even publish them without picasa. But both have restrictions that are only lifted by paying a fee to upload over a certain megabyte amount…! – to DL picasa – for uploading web albums and other info..

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I agree with JonnyCeltics. When I compared the advantages of Picasa and Flickr, I simply chose Flickr for the slightly more storage they provided over Picasa. Picasa, like Flickr, seems to have a pretty nice piece of upload desktop software, and unlike Microsoft, Google has that “do no evil” philosophy. It looks like you won’t have to worry about the Microsoft takeover of Yahoo after all anyway… or so they say.

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I know a few people who use riya but I think they are more about facial recognition than community. (riya that is, not my friends)

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I am going to say Zooomr .Its free. Unlimited storage. Unlike photobucket or imageshack doesnt limit your picture size. Mobile uploads. Good Community.

It does pretty much everything flickr does, but flickr is still better

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Zooomr. The format is very similar to Flickr, (think free work + look-alike), and the community is very supportive. Though they are really slow on updates, and their latest “Mark IV” isn’t as impressive as people hoped.

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Zooomr actually uses the Flickr API, which means that it’s not exactly an alternative to Flickr, it’s really just a different interface with additional mobile features.

Photobucket has a pretty amazing feature set. And with the recent release of their public API a month ago, they are positioned to compete more heads-up against Flickr.

Picasa is of course always a crowd pleaser. My favorite feature is that Picasa makes it very easy for your viewers to download the original fullsize photos to save locally.

NOTE: At the time of writing this, Microsoft has withdrawn its bid for Yahoo. You can relax now.


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