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What is better, flickr, photo bucket, or shuttefly?

Asked by rguest (201points) June 23rd, 2010

Which is the best service to use? Looking to store photos online. I know flickr just got a huge overhaul.

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I like Flickr for family/friends. I have a Shutterfly account but always seem to turn to Flickr. It really depends on your use. You have to pay for the good stuff.

Photo Bucket always seems to have problems uploading, so I switched to Image Shack instead for free uploading for random links to fun stuff.

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I’m going to cast my vote for Flickr. It’s the largest photo community with a great interface and supporting software (check out Flickr Labs). The free account gives you 100 mb of upload bandwidth each month and limits your photostream to 200 images (although you can keep old photos in sets). There are a few other limitations as well (HD video, collections, etc.). The pro account for $25 a year gives you unlimited uploads for full resolution images and removes all restrictions on free accounts.

Other photo sharing sites, such as photo bucket and shutterfly all have different restrictions as well. It all depends on how many photos you want to store and at what size you want to upload them.

Lifehacker has a great summary of the most popular photo sharing sites. You may want to check it out for more details about each one.

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Photobucket has always been the easiest for me to use.

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I basically want something for photo storage.

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I guess the obvious answer is to collect 5 pics and take a couple hours and upload to all sites mentioned and see for yourself.

Sounds like fun to me!

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@rguest How much storage space do you need? Google’s Picasa gives you a standard 1gb with no size/resolution restriction for photos. 20gb is $5/year, 80gb is $20/year.. etc. The Google additional storage pricing is available online and is the cheapest I’ve seen given the features you get with Picasa.

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I have free accounts on Flickr and Photobucket and I don’t see any difference. For sharing, most of my family is on Flickr

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I’ve got MobileMe, but don’t see the point of the web gallery. I’m nuts trying to find a place to store all of the pictures I take with my iPhone, without clogging up iPhoto. I don’t need a crazy amount of storage though. I’m kind of between flickr and photo bucket now.

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if you want to explore open-source software and self/web hosting it somewhere – have a look at Gallery from – although version 3 (now in RC1) is out, I’m still using Gallery 2 for myself, relatives and other folks over at

you can also try Dropbox if you haven’t done so. it’s free, 2GB of space, and it’s got photo sharing built-in.

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I just recently stumbled across

It isn’t limited to photos alone but can be if you choose to.

What appealed to me about it is that I can send stuff directly from my photo roll on my iPhone via email.

Since one of the choices on the iPhone is to email a photo, that is like the ultimate convenience for me.

It’s the only site I have found this far with this type of transfer simplicity.

I’ve just begun using if for a few photos just to try it out so I haven’t tried out all the features.

I’m not sure if there’s any way to put more than one iPhone photo in an email at a time as that would be the the best for me.

It states that if you put numerous photos in the same email that they will automatically group them in an image gallery format. This means that groups can be created with just being in the same emails together.

I need to do more about working that out but haven’t had the time thus far.

I just really like the fact that I can go straight from iPhone to the site without the necessity of the computer as intermediary.

It’s a really interesting site. And couldn’t get any easier than email.

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Thank you for posting that @Buttonstc!

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I use Flickr and Photobucket. They’re both good but I think I prefer the community on Flickr. I’ve just found it a bit more active and interesting. Photobucket do have a printing service though which is quite cool.

Apparently Fotki is good too although I’ve not tried it myself. There are also place like RedBubble that sort of combine photo sharing communities with making online sales of your work.

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