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My computer (relatively new) won't boot up. Any ideas, anyone? (Details)

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11266points) August 23rd, 2011

My Asus laptop was working fine when I went out to the shop to run some errands. I had put in on “hibernate” before I left. I returned and switched it on ( as I normally do). What comes up is the big Asus logo (on black background) with the Intel logo on the bottom right corner. Then, it opens up to a small cursor dash in the upper left corner that simply blinks….nothing else happens.

I thought that it was not plugged in so I tried plugging it in, nothing, the same. I tried plugging it in and waiting a half hour to see if the battery was a problem (nothing happened.) I took the battery out and put it back in, nothing. The only thing that I can see is that it wanted to install a Windows update before I left, and it said it had to restart for it to take effect (I vaguely remember that…but it may have been earlier and thought it had finished.) Would that have affected this? I have no idea.

Do you have any idea at all what might be wrong? Or what I can do to fix this? Unfortunately, the service center is closed for the day (!!) and I need this to meet a deadline for tomorrow. Most of the work I need is on there.

Once again, the basic logos come up, but it never goes into Windows (the blue screen) it stays on a black screen with a small cursor dash blinking on the upper left hand side of the screen.

Also, under the keypad there are a series of icons…there is a lightbulb (lit in white), a battery (green—I think this is for the mains charge), a barrel or cylinder (dark/unlit) and a wireless icon (also unlit). Don’t know if this helps or not.

As I have professed on the Fluther before… I am still woefully ignorant of computer tech…so please explain in as clear terms as possible…:)

Hope someone can help….thank you!

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There isn’t a DVD in the machine is there? It could be trying to boot from that.

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good call flutherother, it’s possible it tried to boot a dvd or something. although somewhat doubtful. still, it’s a curveball you should at least eliminate right at the start. Super easy to check too, so let us know if there’s a DVD in there.

If it’s a laptop, and it’s turning on , and showing you stuff on the screen, then it matters not whether it’s plugged in. You have power, that’s all you need to know. Still, you need to troubleshoot making sure the battery is in there properly and it’s plugged in to an outlet.

You shouldn’t need to remove the battery (and it’s usually best if you don’t), unless you know for sure it’s the problem (it usually isn’t). ESPECIALLY while the machine is on…

So , now then, are you able to type on the black screen with the cursor? Also are you absolutely CERTAIN that the Windows update isn’t a virus? There’s some nasty ones out there right now that get buried so deep you have to use an anti-rootkit software to get rid of em. Just checking. If you’re positive its a true windows update, then that’s not that big of a deal, and you should at least see prompts during boot up to enter BIOS or safe mode.

Put up some more info about your issues and what you’ve done so far to troubleshoot, it also helps to browse the net, go on Google and search your symptoms and your laptop and find out who else had this problem and how they fixed it. Ask on other forums where techies are more prevelant.

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First of all…..THANK YOU….for the responses!
I was finally able to track down (it took some tracking as the customer service here in the UK for this product is non-existent) Asus tech. I finally realized that I could probably call the US and did so…as they run a 24 hour service. It took re-routing from four or five different numbers to finally find someone to answer my question. Apparently, something happened to Windows. It would just not open Windows at all.

I am (right now) doing a system restore…full system restore. This means that all my stuff is gone….however, I have Carbonite backup (whew). Now, what is interesting is that right before this happened, when I was typing this morning, the cursor was jumping all over the place….and jumbling up the words. I would type apple….and end up with leapp….that sort of thing. And the screen kept scrolling….so perhaps something got in there. I have Bulldog…so I don’t know what happened.

Anyway….nothing I tried worked…the way I got in was to simply press the on button and as soon as I heard it turn on…I kept tapping at the f 8 key over and over and that got me into safe mode and from there….system restore. (Leaving this info for anyone else with Asus/Windows problems.)

Now I have to figure out why the anti-virus program didn’t work. Hmm.

Thank you again….lurve coming!

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I have an Asus, and had the SAME thing happen… It turns out I had a faulty hard drive. Did they make you buy the recovery disks or did you already have them?

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