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Why won't Automatic Repair fix anything in Windows 10?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) March 22nd, 2017

For no apparent reason, my laptop started doing Automatic Repair and diagnosing my PC when I booted it. Exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes ago, it was perfectly fine. Didn’t do anything weird or out of the ordinary. The only thing I did was use a bootable Linux USB drive but I’ve done that for well over a year now.

Automatic Repair then couldn’t fix the issue and said “Your PC did not start correctly.”

I already:

1. Tried resetting the PC – only to have it stuck on the reset at 3% for hours

2. Tried command prompt – checked all my drives for errors – nothing on any of them. SFC scannow however says that “Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation”

3. Tried rebooting from a Restore Point – only to find out that my goddamn fucking computer didn’t save any Restore Points. What the shit? I swear on my grandparent’s grave that I set it a long time ago to save Restore Points.

4. Tried safe mode and low resolution video mode – Automatic Repair still got in the way

5. For God’s sake, I even entered a command in command prompt to disable Automatic Repair but somehow when I rebooted Automatic Repair still got in the way.

This is really aggravating.

I’m probably going to try to reimage it using a bootable USB drive with Windows 10 on it. But now I have to go out and buy another USB.

I haven’t installed anything new on my laptop in ages. I seldom use it aside from a backup for my desktop and using it on the go.

My laptop is a Lenovo Edge 2.

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The bootable Linux USB drive may have had something else on it.

Was the USB used on another Windows machine?

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There are several problems like this reported on Microsoft’s website.

Have you looked there?

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Yes. I used it on another Windows machine – 2 actually. And nothing happened to them in the past.

The Linux USB actually still works since I have BIOS set to USB as first priority and then normal boot after that. When I plug in the USB, it loads the Linux no problem. Since the automatic repair issue, however, I put it back to the default to see if anything changed – but nothing.

And yes I did read Microsoft’s website – hence how I tried playing around with command prompt.

UPDATE THOUGH – I think it got worse. Ho boy.

I tried once again to reset the PC. This time it was able to go all the way to 100%. It then started loading and then. . . nothing. I just watch the loading circle for a seemingly indefinite amount of time.

Now when I try to reboot, it says “Undoing changes” and then after that it just has the loading circle going on and on and on and on. . . ad infinitum.

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This has become really aggravating. I managed to get back to the Windows Recovery Environment so that’s good. But now it seems that it had restarted my computer but for some reason still cannot boot. I can tell because when I check my Windows files when I use my Linux USB, I see that Windows archived my personal data under a “Windows Old” directory.

I got a new USB to create a bootable Windows 10 to reinstall Windows 10. I select “Use a device” under Choose an Option in the Windows Recovery Environment. I pick the USB. And then. . .nothing happens. Fucking. Nothing. It goes back to Windows Recovery Environment. It doesn’t even give me the decency to tell me something went wrong. Just completely ignored me. What the shit? How am I going to reinstall Windows 10 now?

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