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Does the shape of your tea bag matter?

Asked by pezz (1291points) August 25th, 2011

WIth all the different types of tea available, does it really matter what shape the tea bag is. Or is loose leaf still the way to go to get a real cuppa?

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Loose leaf is still better but in general the more space there is for the tea-leaves to circulate, the better it will be. So the pyramid shaped bags are better than flat round ones, and flat round ones are better than flat square ones. A perfect sphere as big as the teapot would be the best. But kind of impractical.

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I prefer loose leafs too. Call me old but it’s nothing better than to see then floating in your boiling water.

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Yes. As @downtide has already mentioned, loose leaf is still the best way to brew tea. I have a Bodum™ tea pot like this one in which the infuser is almost as big as the pot, allowing the tea leaves to open to their full extent releasing the maximum amount of flavor. It’s really a great tea pot.

Being an American, I drink my share of iced tea, and for that, I use Lipton’s flow through tea bags. If you haven’t seen them, they are simply rectangular and then folded once allowing water to flow through the middle.

I learned to drink hot tea living in Singapore where the coffee was abysmal, but the tea was superb. Even though I live in Hawaii, I still enjoy hot tea often.

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That’s between me and my wife.

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@AstroChuck that’s where my mind went first too

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Testicular cancer is no laughing matter.

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Whenever I teabag, I like the shape to be ball left side, groove, ball right side, that way they sit on the eyes of my victim perfectly.

So I guess horseshoe-type shape?

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This a trick question, by Madame Tetley?

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Okay. I am truly sorry for what I’ve started.

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Loose leaf tea is normally the better quality tea but the pyramid shaped tea bags are better quality. Most pyramid tea bags contain larger loose leaf tea leaves instead of the chopped up leaves and tea dust that are in most bags and they have sufficient space for the leaves to be able to expand properly when they infuse. So my advice would be to use loose tea whenever possible but keep in mind that pyramid tea bags are a good alternative for when one is traveling or in a situation where you need to have the convince of a tea bag such as at one’s desk at work.

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