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Not to sound Clintonesque, but it depends on what the meaning of "swear" is.

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I don't think so

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well, you can say it on television and radio, so i guess the FCC doesn't think it's a swear.

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My view on swearwords is somewhat unique... I'm not against any word whatsoever, I am only against people who can't take the time to think for a moment and try to be polite. For instance, the "f word" has no intrinsic 'evil'ness, you won't "go to hell" for saying it - but if you're in a group of people, and one of the people in that group is offended by the word "dang", then it'd be horrible for you to say dang. In my opinion, it's more a question of what those around you are O.K. with.

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so i'll sort of go for the "time, place, manner" argument that elliott just made, but i also think i have a threshold of just plain wussieness.. so if I, for instance, was around some one who was offended by the word "dang".. i might clock them with a wiffle bat (remember: that's might clock them with a wiffle bat) but i do agree that context is critical to all situations.. for the most part. ;)

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@evan: Yeah, I was exxagerating. I really only do this with the so-called 'F, D, and S' words. *wink*

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As a general rule, there really is no excuse in polite company for using any of these words, as there are perfectly adequate polite substitutes. Poor manners are just plain poor manners, regardless of whether these words fall into an arbitrary classification. Further, avoiding words in poor taste will force you to be more eloquent if the situation requires strong language. To me, the challenge is, if the situation warrants, to express myself colorfully without using objectionable language.

There is an anecdote attributed to Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson that they were taking a tour of botanical gardens with press coverage. LBJ, notorious for his rough Texan language and abrasive manners, commented to the press that the staff of the gardens must use "really good manure" to raise these beautiful plants. After the President moved on, some reporters asked Ladybird Johnson why she didn't persuade him to use a more polite term like "fertilizer." Ladybird responded that they had no idea how many years it took her to get LBJ to use the word "manure."

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I'd say no. Although I think it's contextual. For instance, if you say "crap" when you bang your foot on something when you're wearing flip flops or barefoot I think it's perfectly acceptable. However, if you referring to someone else's work or smell it becomes volatile.

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@hossman: The problem with your approach is that it is just as UNACCEPTABLE in some company (said company being almost exactly half of the people I personally have to deal with, though I don't know about you or others) to say things such as 'dang'. Saying 'dang' instead of 'damn' in such company would be enough to alienate you forever from said company, just as the exact opposite would be true in say, a church or business meeting.

Now, you may want to say that said company has nothing to contribute to me as a person or to society in general, but the truth is, that is exactly what somebody from the latter group of people would be expected to say about somebody of the first. And it's perfectly recriprocatable - the first class of people could say that 'those stuckup rick f**ks are so useless' and be just as correct as you would be.

tl;dr: it works both ways.

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the question wasn't if it's "acceptable" to say crap. i say if you use it as a swear word, it is a swear word. like "oh CRAP!" it is nicer than saying the s-word & the word crap is part of my daily vocabulary because i don't use traditional swear words. but it becomes a swear word when you use it in the place of a traditional swear word... like using dang or fudge or butthole.

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... people actually say fudge? ^^/ Today, I have learned something.

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As the Prophet of Profanity I would have to say “NO”.

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I don’t think so bud.

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