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How does the "fields of expertise" function update?

Asked by Evan (810points) June 18th, 2007

So all the business on the site here says that the more questions you answer, the more specific the questions get. But it doesn't seem to me like that automatically updates the "fields of expertise" section in the profile. What is the relationship between those subjects, and subjects are mysteriously added automatically through use?

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you definitely update that section in your profile manually. but it seems to me that fluther also tracks your answers and throws you questions similar to those you've answered. ben, andrew, is that right?

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Yeah, samkusnetz has it right. We weigh the stuff you put in manually the most, but we also try to send you questions based on the questions you ask, answer, and ignore. We'll never fill in your profile for you.

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rats. see i was kind of wishing that there WAS an option to have it at least "add" things to the profile for you.. say after you've answered some given number of questions about a certain topic. because honestly, it's kind of a pain in the ass to go adjust my profile, and if that's what's weighted most heavily, that seems like it might be an issue. I mean, most people are WAY more lazy than I am, too..

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I agree with evan, too d-: It'd be nice to have an option to have your profile auto-updated from the questions you answer most, or perhaps the (this sounds a bit complication) topics of questions to which you have answers that get marked as 'great answers' the most often - right? *phew* hehe

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honestly though, doesn't it make you guys cringe that you just finished rewriting, and already we're bitching? not that it isn't true, but... c'est la vie, n'est pas? :D

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I agree with evan too, again. I <3 you guys!

For those who didn't know (everybody but said 'you guys', really) I've sent in a few fat, annoying bug report/feature request e-mails, and they've been very snappy and helpful. Great team working on this!

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Yeah, Evan, I agree with your point--and I think that's a great idea. We've also had some ideas very much along these lines (automatic sans the "mysterious"), that--when we get the chance to add in--you'll be very pleased with.

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You're so secretive!

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that's awesome that you guys have thought about it.. it seems to me that you could just add a little checkbox next to the features thing, that makes it so that various fields of expertise are added automatically to that section, based on questions answered, etc. It seems like it would be easy enough to use the same, or similar criteria to determine when fields get added, as are used to determine when questions are sent to certain people.. right?

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I'm looking forward to seeing this implemented, now that I've ascertained that I can assume you're going to do so *wink*

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