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Cats and House Plants: How to keep furry feline from eating indoor plants?

Asked by breanne (484points) May 5th, 2008

My shorthaired tabby keeps eating plants and throwing them up. Is there any way to keep an indoor cat from munching on plants?

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I’ve often heard pets eat houseplants, or outdoor plants for that matter, to fulfill a dietary need/deficiency. Perhaps you could somehow restrict the plan making her sick and replace it with another. My animals enjoy my indoor avacado tree and its their ‘go to’ plant to chew on. I don’t try to stop them since it keeps them from the other houseplants.

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My cat loves to try an munch on a few of our indoor plants.You need to discipline your cat, they need to know that this is not on the menu. Try loud claps anytime your cat gets near this tends to scare them off. Also try having the plant in a “plant stand” not just on a table that leaves easy access. A plant stand holds the plant off the ground but leaves no other surface area for a cat to climb on. You can also try hanging the plant. I know its hard to yell at your pet, but it is for their own good. You can try alternatives like having a special plant just for your cat, a special plant made specifically for cats to munch on. They sell them in most pet stores, but be sure to check them out before purchase. Some of these products are merely gimics and not the best choice for your pet. Good luck!

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Read syz’s answer in this thread It might help you with your problem.

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@Trance24 I’m fine with disciplining my cat during the day, or when I happen to be around, but he’s crafty and waits until the night when I’m asleep before he munches, and then leaves me a surprise in the morning. I did buy him a wheatgrass plant in the petstore, and he threw that up too.

@scamp I actually did read that post before, but the problem is, I live out in the country where ticks and fleas are plentiful thanks to the deer wandering about. So, letting him out isn’t really an option. He does leave the hanging plants alone, but he eyes them.

I guess I was looking for some sort of product I could spray on the leaves of the plant that will prevent him from chewing, but I don’t know if there is such a think that is safe for both cats and the plant.

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Try growing “Cat Grass’...
Available in most pet stores…

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lemon juice ON the plant leaves

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@lacerbabe99: thanks for the suggestion. I just found this spray concoction via marthastewart Seems pretty hardcore.

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The is a product called “Bitter Apple” available it most pet supply stores. I’ve used it on this one particular houseplant that our gray tabby was always chewing on. At first it didn’t appear to work but one time she started to chew the plant within 20 minutes after spraying and stopped right away, licking and shaking her head. She hasn’t bothered this plant since other than giving it a curious sniff from time to time.

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Buy that cat-grass. It works really well.

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put the plant outside it’ll have some outside air

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There is a spray my vet gave to me to get my cat to stop peeing on the rug. It apparently gives off a scent (only to them, no worries) that makes them feel like another animal already marked that spot. It may work on plants… I have no idea what it’s called but ask a vet because it totally worked on my stubborn girl.

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