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Do some people give off "single vibes"?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21413points) August 25th, 2011

Recently, my boyfriend and I split and all of a sudden there are a number of my male friends who are very interested in me. These are guys that have previously shown little or no interest either sexually or romantically.

So, my question is this: Have I released some kind of “single hormone”? Is the behavior of a suddenly available, potential mate so wildly different from that of an unavailable person? Is it just pure coincidence?

I promise this is a serious question. I know it sounds silly, but I am honestly curious about this. It’s just so strange and sudden.

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Are these guys aware that you just broke up with your boyfriend? Could it be that cut and dry?

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I’ve found the opposite to be true. When I’m seeing someone I find I receive more male attention than when I’m single. Maybe it has something to do with oozing a little more confidence than usual. Maybe these guys are genuinely interested in you and want to get in there before someone else snaps your fine self up..

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Perhaps your body is emitting pheromones! =0)

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@ANef_is_Enuf: It’s possible but unlikely. I did mention it on facebook, but only once and in passing. Maybe I’m acting single? It’s seriously baffling.

@stardust: I normally find that to be true as well, but this time the opposite has happened. I wonder if part of it is that this was a very long relationship nearly three years so I’m acting far differently then when I’ve been newly single in the past.

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@KatawaGrey if it is any consolation, I’ve experienced something similar. I don’t really know what the deal was, but part of me always wondered if it was just that they knew I was single, and just did a good job of hiding the interest before that.

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@ANef_is_Enuf: Yeah, that’s probably it. It’s still weird but in a good way.

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It’s just cuz you so damned cute!!!

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I notice that when I’m happy and single I tend to attract people, but if I just broke up with someone and I’m feeling horrible, people never give me that kind of attention. I think these guys might be aware of your “single vibes” or as I like to think of it was extra confidence. I tend to be more flirtatious when I’m single, because I can! :D

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If you mentioned it on facebook, it’s already out there. It would be a mystery otherwise, but it’s not hard for someone to see your posts by looking at your profile. Assuming they didn’t know, though, there could be unconscious body language or certain mannerisms.

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There was this girl my present girlfriend who I was attracted to pretty much.
Of course (as was always the case) she was seeing someone, or better, was having a realtionship.
So, being the gentleman that I am, I didn’t try nothing with her, except have a nice time, talking, drinking beers, etc.
The following year, when I was on her island again, she told me that they had split.
Then I attacked :-)
With that knowledge, the situation was different all of a sudden…, she fell in love, I was attracted more and more to her and fell in love too after a hesitant start, I didn’t want to be seen as this horny opportunist.
What I am saying is that your guys might have had romantic feelings for you before, but now the opportunity has come for them, and they (try to) seize it.
They may have been gentlemen too, before?!

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So….. you’re single, huh? <leers suggestively>

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You just mentioned it in passing on Fluther, and now some random 28 year old guy in Spain sat in his underpants in a small crappy room knows your signle, and Fluther does not have half the traffic Facebook has… yet?

EDIT: I now have confirmation, the pope is now informed of the situation.

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@poisonedantidote: Yes, but you sit on fluther with the intention of reading and answering questions. It’s not like anybody sits on my profile all day waiting for me to comment on my own status so they can act interested several days after the fact.

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“Talking of hot asses, you know who is single now?...” has been said more than you would think in the last few days. We have ways.

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They’re probably stalking your facebook. :p

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Long before Facebook existed, I had very similar experiences, so I’m guessing it is something beyond them knowing that you’re single (at least in some cases). I always felt kind of the opposite way about it, though… like if I was in a committed relationship, I was putting off some kind of “back off, Jack” vibe. As a single person, I was hit on relentlessly, but the minute I got married (even though I don’t wear a ring), even strangers stopped chatting me up. Weird.

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I also find the opposite to be true. Someone once told me that women can see in a man’s eyes whether they are “there” – present and available – or not. A guy might be “single” but still thinking about his ex – this is in his eyes, apparently.

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Girls who wear thick horn rimmed spectacles & tee shirts saying Hug an Ewok!
I’m guessing their knickers have a No Entry sign on them too….possibly.

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They may as well have a chastity belt on.

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@ucme: See, in my social group, any kind of geeky shirt would get me laid almost instantly.

I have decided that if I must get married, it will be a Star Trek wedding.

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