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The Hailey Clauson lawsuit, is it outrage or ”fakerage” that is the motivator?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) August 26th, 2011

Thinking about how all the fuss in the press and online has transpired behind the photos taken of, Hailey Clauson, could it be some type of planned media manipulation by her parents? You mention underage and inappropriate photos, the US especially with its pedophobic atmosphere; thoughts go right to the gutter. They start thinking kiddie porn, and such, or ads Abercrombie and Fitch took heat for with their billboards many years back. Knowing the reaction that the lawsuit or a complaint would stir, doing it would cause buzz for Hailey. There are other photos she has taken out there one can say are pretty provocative, or tacit sexy but no complaints over them. With buzz happening behind Dakota Fanning and Thylane Blondeau for her French Vogue spread a ”fakerage” law suit would put Hailey up front in the media buzz, so that maybe she don’t lose too much steam to these younger upstarts trying to capture all the thunder. Seeing what some parents will sink to in order to making their children famous, isn’t it at least plausible?

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I haven’t seen anything there that can be called “provocative”. I watched like 70 photos or so and they were all normal. I believe it’s an outrage to see this lawsuit pursued. Someone really has it bad. Can’t explain it.

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Is it Elle Fanning or Dakota, her older sister, you are talking about?

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@Kayak8 Correct, GMA took shots at Elle, I guess she is suppose to be prettier, for her suductive stare, she is said to have perfected. They say it is better to be talked about, than not talked about at all.

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While the girl herself might be genuinely upset, I suspect “fakerage” on the part of her parents. They chose a career for their daughter in which they knew she’d be on display; and as noted in the OP, these are not the first pictures of this sort to be taken of the young Ms. Clauson. Even if the girl was personally unaware of what a career in modeling would entail, surely her parents understood—and have had plenty of time to confirm—what is involved.

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