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How can I view media from my computer to my ancient television?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) November 17th, 2009

I have about a 10 year old Sanyo television. I’d like to view videos and other media I have stored on my computer on it. I’ve already tried hooking up a VGA to S-video cable to it from my laptop with no success.

Now, I’ve been looking into these media web hosting sites like Orb. What is the best way to view the media on my TV. The only web-enabled gaming console I have is the Wii. So, I’d probably have to use it’s web browser to grab the videos I’d store through a web application. Which (free) website is best for this?

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@RareDenver No, I haven’t. Can’t view the website from work though. Have to check it at home tonight. What’s so good about it?

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@erichw1504 You can upload just about any kind of file to it and then using the link it gives you either stream or download and save the file somewhere else.

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@RareDenver Sounds simple! But, the problem is, I don’t think Wii’s Opera browser can view much, if any, video.

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@erichw1504 video games and consoles go over my head a bit so excuse me if this is a stupid question but can you download files to the Wii from the web? lol, that sounded funny when I read it back, to the Wii from the web

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@RareDenver I don’t believe you can. Although if someone could prove otherwise, that’d be great.

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@erichw1504 maybe something like this would work better then?

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@RareDenver Thanks, but this isn’t important enough to have to pay for something.

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Isn’t one of the features of Orb the ability to play media from your PC on your TV via a console?

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the problem is most gaming consoles don’t have flash capability and most all tv host sites use flash software to display the tv show

this is how I did it, it will convert your computers VGA monitor signal into either a s-video out or component out signal to plug into your tv so as long as your tv has s-video or AV jacks it will work if not you would need a modulator to covert those signals over to a coaxial connection both easily and cheaply done just dont do your shopping at radio shack the same VGA converter I sent you a link too costs 89.00 at radio shack and a modulator can be bought at wallmart for 16.99 while 80.00 at radio shack

once you do this and follow the easy set up process anything you used to have to view on your computer monitor can easily be viewed on your tv now, and now you can steam movies and tv right off your computer onto your tv

on thing there is no power connection to the VGA converter so you can not start up the computer with it connected or it will scramble the picture connect it after the computer is started

I haven’t payed for TV in close to a year

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