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How would you be affected if all of your personal data on the internet was completely wiped?

Asked by erichw1504 (26448points) March 4th, 2010

Let’s just imagine by some freak accident that all of your personal data has been wiped off the face of the internet and none of it was backed up. Your identity on the internet, just gone. POOF!

By “personal data”, I’m talking about all your photos, videos, blog entries, tweets, website accounts (God forbid your Fluther account, including all your lurve, questions, and answers), and anything else you have posted or uploaded to the World Wide Web.

What would your reaction be? How would it change your life until you recover from this disaster? How much personal information would you have lost (a lot, not much)? How long do you think it would take to recover? Do you know anyone who would practically not be able to function if they lost their data? Any other thoughts about this happening to you?

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I would get in my time machine.

Been there, done that. Nothing you can do. Was when hard drives were very expensive.

But in all reality and today. I have back ups of my back ups.

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No biggie for me…I am not that attached to the stuff I have and would simply replace it with new mind madness.

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@ChazMaz Yea, but you can’t backup your Fluther account. Also, I mentioned in the description that none of it was backed up.

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@erichw1504 – Well then back to the Time Machine. :-)

It is just too much a fantasy question. And, as far as places like Fluther go. I would hate loosing all the good stuff I have written. But, it really means nothing to me.
I would shrug it off. Start over.

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Other than my Fluther account and some of my emails, I’d be glad to see it completely wiped. I’m not a big fan of having too much personal info on the net. I don’t participate in Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., and all of my photos and videos are saved on my offline hard drive, and on memory cards, so no big worries there. I would function just fine.

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All my photos and vids are backed up on to disc. All my contacts and calendars, account info, passwords, etc. are backed up, too. I wouldn’t mind losing the words, though I admit when I got rid of my Vox account, I saved the postings I did there, then cancelled it. They’re just words. I have notebook and pens.

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I would get through it just fine :)

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Losing the contact info in Gmail would be most difficult, followed by calendar info and then email.

Reminds me, I have to back up my calendar history. I already back up email weekly.

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I would be pleased that the spammers could no longer find me.

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I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. It would be inconvienient, but I would just start new accounts at the places I like to visit, etc. In a way it could be a good thing because I’ve been meaning to clean out my inboxes for ages!

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I’m not going to be overly concerned. Pics and vids are on HD anyway… Email are DL’d as well on email client where contacts are saved. Calendar is on PDA.

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It would be beneficial in a way. No more days worrying about someone stealing my identity and personal information.

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@UScitizen Haha, that is true.

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I’ve backed up my fluther account info

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I would be anonymous again.

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I would be relieved. I have left some traces I’d just as soon not have left, and I keep all my important data on a 4Tb redundant RAID NAS, including all of my Gmail.

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@dpworkin 4TB?! Really? You need all that space?

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I managed to get along without the internet for the first 35 years of my life. I guess I can do it again.

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Well, since it’s a redundant RAID I have about 2.7Tb available, and I am currently using about half of that.

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@Trillian Very true. It’s just now-a-days, people (and companies) rely so heavily on the internet for their needs that it could be devastating for them to lose their data. Were at the point right now where if the internet as a whole were to go down, mostly everything would be at a stand-still.

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All my pictures are backed up. Everything else, including Fluther, is trivia. It wouldn’t be a hardship for me personally to just start again.

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O well.

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If Zeitgeist documentaries are right about everything, then having my data wiped out is probbaly a good idea. >_>

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Nothing new.

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I might cry, but I’d move on and start over. I’d actually probably be really safe.

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I guess I would start over with a new me, it would also get rid of all the accounts I have on sites that I have forgotten about.

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It wouldn’t bother me in the least. I don’t keep any personal information on electronic media; all paper. The few photos I have online are scan-ins of hard photographs.

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It would bother me a little considering I lost all of my info/data, but I have more than 1 computer so I’m not cut off from everything..yet. But it would probably be a lot safer without my info lurking around. ;)

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No big deal.

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I would be Free!!! “Free at least Free at last, Thank God I’m Free at Last!!!!”

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Not much would explode, perhaps an hour or two of working though.

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I’d scream and rage a bit, I guess, but then I would just rebuild the identities I found myself really missing. The stuff that is really important I have local copies of.

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I’d chalk it up as a lesson learned. Having to create new emails and new facebook and new fluther accounts would definitely be a pain, but at least I’d get a clean slate and learn not to put any personal info about me online or on my computer.

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