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What would you do?

Asked by BadMotherFluther (186points) May 5th, 2008

It’s 3am and you can’t sleep. You hear the sound of breaking glass so you look of your window, and see someone crawling into your car through the car window. Just then you turn around thinking of what to do, when you see your phone on the side, next to your baseball bat. Time is running out, the thief will be gone in the next 30 seconds. What do you think you would do?

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Find a butcher knife. Got good aim?

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Throw the bat at them, haha

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I’m up for a good fight, especially when I have a good reason.
I think a keyboard would be pretty humiliating to get beat down with…

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This actually happened to us one night, and my husband flew out the door in his pajamas, bat in hand, to apprehend the intruders. Fortunately for all, they disappeared before he reached them. He was not one to handle bats with ease, and I couldn’t believe his quick response to save us or the old beat-up car they got into. My hero! and nudnick!

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A very similar situation happened in 2004 in Albuquerque. A decorated Marine caught a man breaking into his garage and car. The Marine, carrying a gun, instructed the man to get on the ground and yelled for neighbors to call 911. The man instead started to run away. Two or three blocks away, the Marine wrestled him to the ground but then the melee became a struggle for the gun and the thief was shot in the chest and killed. The Marine was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, sentenced to six years and forced to pay a few thousand dollars restitution to the “victim’s” family.

If the Marine had shot and killed the man while the man was in his garage, then it would have been justifiable homicide. Instead, the asshole and his ignorant family (who applauded at the sentencing) get rewarded.

To answer the question, in my mind I would waste them. I’ve never even been in a fight though (somehow), so I’m not sure how that’d play out for real.

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@skfinkel; you talkin’ ‘bout my brother? Hard to imagine. And was that the car we used where the key snapped off in the ignition and son number one showed us how to start it with a screw driver?

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This is a subject, by the way, that really pisses me off, because it’s pretty prevalent here. I had my CPAP stolen from my car while it was parked in my parents driveway, which meant I was choking in my sleep every 30 seconds for a few months until I got a replacement. I’ve often fantasized about catching whoever did that and choking them every 30 seconds for eight hours just to give them some perspective.

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@kevbo: Justice is served, right? The system sucks.

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Well I would go and beat him to death because now in Texas you are able to kill anyone who is trespassing on your property, even if they are trying to leave. Now what was some concern was a man went out of town and told his neighbor to watch his house for him, at some point he saw a burglar breaking into his house and went and shot him on his neighbor’s property. There was a huge dispute if he should be charged or not.

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It’s just a car! Hopefully you have insurance and it’s just an inconvenience. Not worth getting killed.

Other factors to consider…lease or own?84 toyota or 08 Benz?

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xxporkxsodaxx surley if thats the case people could bump people off, take them home and make it look like they were treepassing?

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baseball bat!
cops suck

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I’d dial 911, put the phone in my pocket, yell from the door to see if he pulls a gun or runs, if he keeps trying to take the car, ill put my bat to his face. I know its risky, but this is a subject that enrages me. Someone trying to take MY property that I worked for and putting MY family in danger, and they think they can get through life that easily because people are scared to stand up to them… no.

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There are limits, and of course the police get involved and they do call in the forensic teams most likely. If you read at the top of the linked page it tells a little about it. But you can’t just pull some dude you don’t like on your property and shoot him, there is still common sense involved. But another story that is messed up is that my friends cousin were having their roof redone and while it was in the process, at night a burglar was on the roof, fell through a tarp and fell on a kitchen island table and a knife stabbed him in the leg, he sued for negligence and won. The justice system does a terrible job in many cases when in comes to things like that.

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I know lot’s of Police Officer’s, and they would all love to catch a Thief in the act. They are just so streched where I live.

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When someone broke into my house 2 years ago, I shot him in the knee.

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@jaded, I’d like to know how you feel now about that episode. On this topic, I can definitely get carried away with violent ideations, but with many other egregious situations I tend to be more forgiving. I’m pretty torn on the issue, which is a bummer, because it gets me riled up.

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It was an interesting night. I had to have the damn carpet replaced because of all the blood and the police almost arrested me when they found out I knew the guy who broke in, I use to be friends with him but I stopped talking to him when he started smoking crack.

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im not sure if this is a rumor or not, but some guy was trying to steal a car while the owners were on vacation. the guy got stuck in the garage for a month and almost starved to death. he sued and won. i think it was in Connecticut.

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Mtl_zack: That’s ridiculous! Can we say Darwin Award? Or maybe he is smart, he did win after all. Hmm..

Cops take to long to get…. anywhere. I’d call my uncle or a really tough guy friend and then I would hide. I know… bawk bawk.

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If there is a chance of that happening in your neighborhood. Don’t leave anything visible/valuable in your car. You never know. They could have a gun or a knife. Why risk your life? Yell out the window to let them know you saw then and let the cops deal with it. They can’t be eating donuts at that hour, so you won’t be interrupting them.

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Why couldn’t they be eating donuts at 3am?

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They are eating donuts the other 23 hours.

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Your car is insured and there are other methods of transportation, so grab the phone and report it. The bat option is just madness and can’t lead to anything good….you’ll just end up getting sued if you injure the thief!

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only if there are witnesses….....
....muah ha ha…..j/k

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I think we have all played out in our heads what we would do in situations like this. But I wonder how different what we actually do is from what we think we would do. I always told myself if someone ever broke into the house late at night, I would stay very quiet, and hope he just took what he wanted and leave. But when it really happened, what I did was nothing like that.

I was laying in bed one dreary Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend, and we heard the door knob jiggling. We thought it was our nosey landlord who lived downstairs, and snooped around when we weren’t at home. So my boyfriend got up and went into the living room, calling out the landlord’s name. All of a sudden a dark figure came around the corner, and shot at my boyfriend. He jumped back into the bedroom and put the dresser in front of the door. I screamed my head off. so much for staying quiet! We stayed in there for what seemed an eternity. When we were sure he was gone, we went downstairs to the landlord’s apartment to find the door wide open. I called the cops and told them there is a man in my living room shooting at my boyfriend. It took them 4 hours to show up.

The thief took my purse that was sitting on the kitchen table. I kept a gun in it for protection. Some good that did! the cops wanted us to testify against the thief once they caught him. They said he was on a robbing spree, and he shot several people with my gun. So if I saw someone taking my car, I can’t honestly say I know what I would do. I hope I would stay quiet, and let him take it while I report it to the cops and my insurance agency. It’s no fun being shot at, and I never want to face that situation again.

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You will never know what you will do untill it happens. A bit like “Flight or Fight.”

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