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For your very first "i" something, what would you buy today?

Asked by zensky (13418points) August 28th, 2011

Ipod, Iphone or Ipad.

Yes, they are different to some extent – but my question is what you would buy for yourself – and why.

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May I buy some paint instead?
Electronic gadgets blow XD

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Either of those is fine. I would then proceed to publicly destroy it with a hammer.

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The only ‘I’ thing I would buy anywhere soon is an Iwata Eclipse HP, or an Iwata Micron Apple “i” things……...

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I’m anxiously waiting for the next iPhone to be released so I can get a new one.

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I don’t use my cellphone that much. It is pay as you go one. I mostly use it to order pizza. If there was a iPhone with 60 minutes a month and data for 20 bucks a month I would be all over that.

For now the iPod Touch keeps me happy.

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An iUmbrella.
Summer in Holland sucks…

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@johnpowell my cell phone is a pay as you go one too, because I use it so little, it made sense to me. I mean seriously I can top it up maybe once every 6 -8 weeks with £10 and not run out of credit. Only ever use it to call home after work really. Also hubby bought it for me because when I saw it I just fell in love with it. It’s pink and sparkly. I’ll bet no one is at all surprised lol.

My dear friend has an iphone, but to be honest I prefer my pink and sparkly little nokia flip open one, and so does she lol. My BiL has an ipad though, and that is pretty cool, so I think I’d choose that, @rebbel LOL can I share the iUmbrella? summer in UK sucks too.
huggles everyone xx

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I already have an iPod (though I seem to have lost it). I am planning to get an iPhone when I’m able to upgrade my current phone (which will be in December). I don’t know that I’ll ever get an iPad.

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I’d buy an iPhone if they made it as good or better than an Android phone. Right now, that’s not the case.

I already have a MacBook, though that’s not an “i” product. But I have it in addition to a PC. I’d never want to only have a MacBook. And I don’t really need an iPad, but if I got one, I wouldn’t get rid of it…

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“i” don’t know

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if I was a Wall Stret wonder I would buy an imax theatre.

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Maybe an iHateApple

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I’m really not a big fan of Apple, though I do have an ipod.
I would maybe get the iphone as my first ithing. I’ve never really seen the appeal of fancy phones, but I was playing with a friend’s iphone and did sort of like that I could pull up a GPS and check John Barrowman’s twitter.
This is assuming someone else wants to pay the monthly bill…!

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