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Why is almost every product or service Apple creates named with an "i" at the beginning?

Asked by erichw1504 (26417points) November 4th, 2009

I don’t understand this methodology of theirs.


What is the point of this? Is there some special meaning or is it just something Steve Jobs likes to do?

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It’s called branding.

You know immediately who makes the iPhone, iPod, or iTunes just by the name. It doesn’t have to be the Apple iPhone…

I would imagine they wanted to keep their product names simple, you can’t release something and get the appropriate protections if you just call it the “Phone”... but iPhone can be protected.

I believe this started with the iMac, which was kind of the start of their rethinking their product line.

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Branding. It identifies all those products with them immediately.

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I would hazard to guess that they are trying to bring it in with “internet” somehow. Give it a technology spin. Hence “i” in “internet”. I’m not an expert on their products but it seems logical, since all applications can be web-based or are associated with web functions.

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Because Macphone sounds like a toy found in a HappyMeal.

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I thought it was their way of making customers feel like they’re involved. Y’know, cause of what the word “i” means.

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A similar branding example: McMuffin, McNuggets, McFlurry…

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@proXXi – I wonder if they’ve considered a marketing alliance with McDonaldz…

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Macphone also sounds like the MacDreamy jokes generated by Grey’s Anatomy.

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@Sarcasm: I think you’re right. I think it’s that plus the coincidence that it also sounds like an internet association.

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@kevbo That’s such a cop-out not telling what the original name was… Trying to build “The Cult of Mac.”

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As others have said in various ways, it started with iMac, which was aimed at the budding Internet-conscious consumer. (I know it’s hard to believe, but there was a time when most folks had no idea what the internet was or that they could connect to it from home). The branding campaign was so successful that Apple started all their products with an “i”

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I don’t think the OP was asking if it was branding or not, we know that. I think they were asking why they chose “i” in the first place. Unfortunately it’s very heard to research this. Typing in a single letter in a search engine isn’t going to get you very far. It sounds like @Austinlad is right.

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iMilo here; It signifies isuperiority and the next step below igodliness.

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stop talking like you are your cat.

Not every product is labeled with an “i” – some do use Mac… and some don’t use any convention.

...for example.

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@ChazMaz your voice of experience is truly cherished

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TY :-)

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Because Steve Jobs is an iPimp and is making Microsoft his iBitch.

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brand recognition.

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Because i’M an iNdividual, with iNdividual needs and tastes.

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all of this being said, when you go to the apple store to purchase an imac or ipod or whatever, they try to figure out what you need it for, and which one would work best for your needs. so the “i”, as @proXXi states to some extent, is that it’s for your personal needs…what I need this mac or this ipod for.

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It’s because Steve Jobs invented it and said “i” want everything named after me, so iPhone sounds better that SteveJobsPhone

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@Barcybarce actually, Steve Jobs didn’t name the first “i” product..the iMac. In fact, he hated it.

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Its just so its similar.

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