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What should I do about my soapy plants!

Asked by Nimis (13127points) August 29th, 2011 from iPhone

Crud! Went to water my plants while there was some laundry running. Didn’t realize that the water would come out all soapy!

I ran the hose until it ran clear, then tried to flush the soapy water out. Should I keep doing that? (They’re curly willow and wisteria in pots with drain holes.) Or should I try replanting them in new dirt?

PS Is this normal and I’m just the only moron who doesn’t know this? Or do I need to call a plumber?

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You need to repot, with new dirt, now, or you are going to have dead plants. And, I think you need to call a plumber. Having soapy water coming out of faucets simply becase the washer is spinning is not normal!

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I second most of what @Eureka says, but you need to address the plumbing issue first. If you have any admixture of “drain water” (from any source) into your potable water supply then you’re asking for serious, potentially deadly, water-borne illness. You need to get that handled before you use any of your current tap water for drinking, cooking or bathing.

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YIPE!! There should be an air gap between your washing machine out, and the sewer. something is ver wrong if it is backing up into your potable water!! Go look and see how your washer drains and come back and tell us.

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sounds like the OP might be talking about a hose for greywater.

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@dappled_leaves ; I was wondering that too. You would think someone would have told him though. Isn’t the faucet supposed to be purple or something?

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You really don’t have to do anything because when there are any sort of aphids on a plant the way you get rid of them is by spraying the plant with soapy water. Soap doesn’t hurt the plant at all, I have done it many times to mine when I get them ready to come back into the house from spending the summer outdoors. My mother’s washer also used to drain into our flower garden and she always had beautiful flowers in there that didn’t require any watering the washer did it.

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Yes! Greywater from the garden hose.
Happens to share the same wall as the laundry room.

@Judi Purple faucet?
@creative1 Wish I could give you extra lurve! Thanks for the peace of mind.

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@Nimis, maybe it’s just California, but when water is used for irrigation that is not pottable the spiket and the sprinkler heads are purple (At least I think it was purple) designating it as non potable.

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I wondered exactly the same thing about soapy water and aphids… a little Googling reveals that different types of soap will have different effects on your plants. Maybe check to see if your laundry detergent is a safe one.

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@Judi I am in California, but don’t ever remember seeing a purple spiket. But maybe now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll be seeing them everywhere.

@dappled_leaves Good point.

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@Nimis , I used to walk around Lake Mission Viejo and all the water they used for the landscaping was grey water. The sprinkler heads and boxes were all a different color, and I think it was purple. It makes since that the building code would make it clear that this water was different and not potable.

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