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Can anyone tell me more about how I can use subversion in my web development?

Asked by richardhenry (12692points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Any recommendations as to what software to use, or how to best set it up and use it? I’m running OS X, but recommendations for other operating systems are welcome.

Basically, I want to be able to revert to any previous version of a file easily without using an external drive or having to follow a complicated routine.

I have zero experience with subversion clients. I already have Apache, PHP and MySQL installed on my system, if that has anything to do with anything.


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Get it from if Apple does not provide it. It is like CVS but better. My experience is with CVS. See Wikipedia for an intro. Set up a repository, add all your ‘source’ files such as html’s and css’s, and don’t forget config files such as httpd.conf. When you have changed a source file(s) do an update. I do it all from the command line but GUI clients are available.

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Thanks! You don’t know of any videocast demos do you? That would be really useful.

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Basically, you need Subversion :P

However, it sounds like you might like Git or Bazaar better. Subversion is a centralized Version Control System, meaning that it’s hosted online somewhere. If you just want to be able to revert to previous versions, a decentralized VCS like Git or Bazaar allows you to keep it on your own computer. Finding a tutorial on either (or Subversion, for that matter) should be easy.

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@Vincentt, you can actually create local subversion repositories and use them that way. The repo is still technically centralized but at least you don’t need to go and host it or something. You’re right, though, its probably worth checking out Git & Bazaar (fluther is managed on Bazaar I believe).

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Ah OK, good to know :)
(And yes, Fluther uses Bazaar)

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I don’t know much about git (yet) but it seems to be an improvement over subversion. GitHub has some nice features (and you can get a free account).

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Git is overkill for the single developer. It was created to address issues arising in massively decentralized development (i.e, linux kernel). I have to add my voice for subversion. The concepts are very easy to grasp.

On a mac, you will also want SCPlugin which integrates subversion into Finder. The Windows equivalent is TortioseSVN .

FInally, I also recommend Trac for project management. It has integrated subversion support, bug tracking, activity logging, and a wiki. Trac doesn’t force you to do anything, and is lightweight enough not to bog down the single developer.

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@richardhenry: I highly suggest bazaar for you. It’s totally compatible with svn, plus you can easily work offline. Setting up a repo is much easier in bzr than svn. To me, it doesn’t feel like overkill for one developer like git.

If you’re really looking for good third-party tools (like GUI clients, etc), stick with SVN.

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