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What can I do on my rest day to help recover?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1808points) September 1st, 2011

I already took my daily vitamin along with my protein shake for the day. But I am very bored and would like to still do something physical today. Any ideas?

Side note I am rather sore as we did back to back PT upper body then lower body next day.

I was thinking swimming…good idea?

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Swimmings great, but, no disrespect intended, isn’t being physical on a day of rest an oxymoron? lol

I’d opt for the physical activity of spooning ice cream into my mouth or tipping a couple of beers while managing the remote. haha

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@Coloma Yes it is! lol :)

I was trying to think of something that would help with the soreness. I’ve heard that by getting the blood flowing a little bit while on your recover day, can help speed up the process of healing and removing the acid build up. Least this is what I have heard don’t quote me on it.

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Well come on over and I’ll crank up the hot tub. Of course it’s going to be 97 degrees today…so maybe a ‘rain’ check is in order. :-D

Or, I can give you one of my ‘special’ brownies to ease your tension. lol

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@Coloma Sounds like a plan. :) I live in FL however if I were to go out there for long I only turn red and melt. Haha.

Not into the “special” brownies though. lol

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Hey..I know….if you can afford it, call a mobile masuesse!

They will bring their table, set it up in your space of choice and work out the aches and pains in the comfort of your own home.

Hope I didn’t offend you with my ‘happy’ brownies humor…but, I have re-discoverd the joys of herbal medicine this last year or so! haha

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@Coloma That sounds tempting if I had extra money to throw out for it I would. I always make sure I have X amount in my savings vs. checking account just to be sure. Never know! Financially speaking I am fine ,but luxuries will be put off for now.

Not at all I have many family members who take herbal medicine if you will for different purposes mostly for pain, actually! Some for personal enjoyment. Anyways it does not bother me personally, I just don’t care for it nor to try it really…Not my thing I guess.

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Splurge a little! You deserve it! :-)

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@Coloma Haha thanks! You’re too nice. :)

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A restorative yoga class.

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@Judi Hm me and yoga know nothing of each other. But I wouldn’t let it stop me. Any videos or pictures?

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You could probably find restorative yoga videos on YouTube. I’m on my iPhone or I would link them for you.

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Sure, swim around a little. But mostly try to relax. I get the same way when its my day to rest. You just get restless.

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