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Are Take Downs allowed in Football?

Asked by zero979 (55points) September 1st, 2011

Im just starting to play football, and we where practicing One on One tackling. I caught the guy at the waste, but he wouldn’t fall. At this point I should have slipped down to his knees, but im just wondering, Are Take downs and Hip Throws allowed in Football? btw…i do martial arts, so i hope the answer is yes!
Thanks for checking my question out.

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Ask your coach for sure, but your goal is to make sure the guy gets no more yards. Hit him on the thighs, bring him down as aggressively as you can. If you start trying to do a hip throw on a strong guy running as fast as he can, you might let him get a few extra yards with that technique.

When you say Take Downs, what moves do you mean?

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We were taught to hit them at the waist, wrap your arms around them and then lift and drive through them with your legs. That works in one on one. If you’re being blocked you kind of have to grab wherever you can.

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Anything but the face mask.
Have fun! :)

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For the most part, yes, but you will probably get an unnecessary roughness penalty (and possibly be ejected from the game) if you bust out the Jackie Chan maneuvers on the field. The critical part is to lock your wrists when you wrap them up like a belt. Ideally you stop them from gaining yards, but if the guy is much bigger than you, getting a good lock will ensure that you slow him down enough that your teammates can help take him down.

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