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What picture/image in the last decade has spoken a thousand words to you.

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) September 3rd, 2011

There have been quite a few pictures that have meant 1000 words or more to people as evidenced by . What images/pictures in the past decade have been as meaningful to you?

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I will always keep this in my mind as I go through life.

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From the past decade? This

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@Blackberry that literally gave me goosebumps. :(

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This isn’t a photo, but I came across this sculpture last spring. It’s one of the few art pieces that, for one reason or another, just knocked me off my feet. I literally had to sit down. It’s ugly as hell but maybe it was the timing or the context- just got to me.

Edit… OH. You meant photo as actual photos not artwork. In that case it would be a photograph that I can’t really post without permission… I know someone who does professional photography and his work is the most astronomically-mind-boggling-brain-cell-orgasmic-awesome photos I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I want my walls covered with his work, but methinks his price tag’s probably more than I make in a month before taxes! My favorite of his is a huge black and white photo of a ridged and detailed cloud with a small bird in the bottom center area flying into the expanse.

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@Blackberry I hope to God that photographer kicked that vulture in the beak and carried that kid to the food center right after taking the picture. Very moving.

@linguaphile That is a very unique sculpture. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it. Very intriguing.

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I was eighteen when I saw the image on the news and it has always kept a place in my head and heart ever since as one of the strongest.
People who were around that decade will probably remember the whole thing.
Photo and wiki

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@rebbel I actually never heard of this incident until now. Very sad and very frustrating at the same time.

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The picture Kain drew of Asher.
Of course, now that he’s gone I’d have a thousand words…

The picture of my Niece, Jade.

And all of those pictures in my head…

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@ANef_is_Enuf @digitalimpression He killed himself shortly after because he was depressed about his experiences and what he there in Sudan where he took that picture.

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@AshLeigh Who was Asher? (I admit total ignorance).

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@digitalimpression, my friend who died on Monday night…

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1972 Vietnam, a little girl running down the street, naked, screaming, her clothes burnt off from napalm. Naked Napalm girl
It has haunted me for years.

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In the last decade, it’s this image for me. It’s rare I get to use the same link to answer two questions in a row, but this one is the exception. It was my answered here as well.

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@AshLeigh Sorry to hear that. =(

@chyna This is the sort of image that affirms my doubt that humans know what the hell they are doing at times.

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This one
The 2nd jet going into the WTC is another.

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@chyna This one haunted me in the 60’s.

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This is depressing.

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In the past decade, I think the most iconic photo for me is this, I find it chilling. This is only what we know, I can imagine what we don’t know. Coming at the hands of those who claim to be to bastion of free speech, justice, and fair play makes it even more unfathomable.

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I can’t find it online, although I didn’t try too much. I don’t imagine how I can find something I saw in a magazine that’s like eight years old. Something I saw in a magazine that, ironically enough, specialized in fucked up websites.

The picture I saw was a girl in roller skates, getting roughed up by a police officer. She was on the ground, bleeding from the face, and crying, while the cop was pinning her by sticking his knee in her back and holding her arms restrained, probably cuffing her.

Another girl, her friend, was pointing at her, looking all pissed off, while another cop looked like he was stopping her from going to see the other girl or something.

The small description under the picture said that these two girls were drunk and having fun, and disrupted the peace, by being too loud. And those cops went mental on the one girl with the roller skates for some reason. (although the description said both girls got fucked up)

Now since I don’t got the whole story, maybe it was warranted, maybe she got violent, I denno…but the way the article read, is that whoever wrote it knew exactly what went down. It was one of those back of the book thing though, so you never get much detail on that. The point of that section was pictures, not stories. Really wish I had the story though…

That image always struck me, every time I see it. I really wish I could find it online. I have the magazine, I suppose I could scan the picture. It always makes me sad.

And it’s worth a 1000 words to me because it’s just one other thing that makes me want to bitch about society and shit lol.

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@ANef_is_Enuf I’m actually surprised we’re able to stay happy when we know this is happening.

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@Blackberry People would feel much differently if they were that kid, or lived in a place where that kid does. The first time I saw that picture, there was a caption underneath, making fun of it. Says a lot…but that could easily be us, some day. I’m sure people won’t be making fun of it then.

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This is starting to become a little more dark than I had expected. Are there positive images out there too?

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@digitalimpression Check it out, this guy is a master martial artist and the lord of the dark…but even he has time to go hang out at the beach. :)

I also love this from Final Fantasy IV.

Granted, none of this is anything real, since it comes from video games, but you can’t say a pessimist didn’t try.

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@Symbeline Hot damn I wish I could draw! (weeping noise)

@AshLeigh Wow, that’s definitely more than a thousand words.

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The one that sticks in my mind just barely tucks within the ten year frame you suggested. It is an image of our Canadian Prime Minister of the 1960’-70s era who was very well known for being sexy savvy. If you don’t recall him, you may well recall his wife Margaret the bipolcar jet setter. The image that I have in mind is a fast forward of him into say 2000 or so as a bereaved father, now elderly, with just a short time left in his own life as he was standing in a memorial service mourning his son who whose life was taken in a British Columbia avalanche. What this image spoke to me is that in seasons of health, youth,fame etc. we can be pretty cocky but for all the season in the sun fades and we need to have some hope to sustain us.

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@digitalimpression To clarify, I didn’t draw any of this lol.

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