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How do you find your true vocal sound in music?

Asked by dreamwolf (3152points) September 5th, 2011

I really like folk. I wish I could just sing loud sometimes, but I tend to be content with soft spoken vocals. It’d be cool to be able to control loudness. Know any good folk songs I can practice to? I like Robin Pecknold’s voice, but I don’t want his voice. Any recommendations on learning range and loudness. Thanks!

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Obviously, one place is to get a vocal coach or teacher.

You need to learn to use your chest voice, not your head voice if you want volume. You also need to learn to support your voice with your breath. Finally you need to learn to warm up your vocal cords and not blow them out by using them too hard without conditioning.

You build the basics, and you’ll find your voice. But you need training and practice.

You can try to do it on your own, but you are just as likely to hurt yourself as you are to figure out your voice.

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@wundayatta Thank you! Yeah I took one vocal class in community college. in 08. My fellow students said the voice sounded good and unique. Just needed to be louder. But I like to sing in an airy manner. Got tips for airy singing as well?

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Airy is usually something untrained people start with. It’s your head voice or chest voice. You don’t breathe so deeply and let the sound originate in your upper chest or throat. It’s as if it’s coming out your nose. Like you’ve got a mic but you’re trying to sing really quietly, but still at a level people can hear.

I don’t know exactly what is going on, but I do it a lot. It feels like half singing. I guess you are because you aren’t really supporting your vocal cords. Just take a lot of quick shallow breaths, singing on the exhale (of course—kinda hard to sing on inhale, although possible). Think a kind of an Asian, nasal sound. Only in a Western modality.

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@wundayatta You’re right, I do feel like it is half singing as well. Talking, but in tune kind of. I don’t really know of airy vocal pop artists in which to study in how they have done it correctly to reach the masses. Would be cool to know of some!

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Oh, I know there are several, but I can’t think of who they are right now. The only one I think of is not exactly what we’re talking about. Tiny Tim uses falsetto. But that’s still a head voice.

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