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Ever wondered why your mind keeps useless information and not retain important stuff?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) September 6th, 2011

Thinking back to my high school days recently, the conclusion came to me, that I hardly remember any of it. I remember I had a biology class I really liked, but I can’t remember who taught it or what I learned in it. I also had an ancient world history class I liked a lot, but hardly remember anything of it. The only teacher I can remember is my art teacher. Other names come to mind but I don’t know if they actually taught at my high school, if they were from Jr. high school, or if I ever had a class they taught. However, the theme song to ”The Love Boat”, ”Gilligan’s Island”, and other useless information I remember even though I didn’t try to. If this has happened to you, have you ever wondered why? Why can’t the stuff that is important be remembered as well as worthless junk?

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I tend to find the stuff I remember most from my past is the stuff I really enjoyed, classes, people etc….. it’s all the same, the other stuff was just immaterial I guess……. :-/

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Yes. Though I remember a lot of important stuff. Anyway useless to say I remember a bunch of random facts or statements from people I only met once or I just overheard.

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Useless = Fun

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It depends on where it was stored in the brain. “Working information” like the content of classes is overwritten as it isn’t used.

TV show theme songs are stored differently.

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If you think that’s bad, what about this – My four year old grandson can recite the entire Pokemon Rocket Team pledge, yet cannot remember his address or phone number. I’ve made a big mistake with his training.

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Because we heard those theme songs and jingles so many times, it just stayed.

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@marinelife is right. Your brain works on a use it or lose it basis (really efficient). Song memory is stored in a different place. My sister (who’s head injured) had her working memory damaged so she can only remember things for 2 to 5 minutes before they are gone. BUT she can remember any song she hears a few times. We’ve often thought about singing her schedule to her.

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