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Did you ever experience this strange memory failure?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) August 2nd, 2021 from iPhone

Sometimes if I am asked about a name, or a word that the asker can’t remember, suddenly I too can’t remember it. It’s like their blank memory is contagious, or like a ‘sympathetic amnesia’ sets in.

Did you experience this too?

I often say “oh, great now you made me forget too!”

What’s happening there? Is it that the forgotten thing is not in normal use as a part of quotidian speech.

In this circumstance it also often feels like the word is just out of reach.

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I had an excellent command of words and could normally find the word that fits a situation or sentence.

Unfortunately I, like you, now suffer the same affliction.

In my case it is probably the fact that I am ageing which causes this problem.

As we age this type of thing I’m afraid happens.

If you are ageing yourself this may well be the problem but if you are still young may I suggest you seek medical advice although I am sure it is likely to be something that may improve or is easily rectified with the correct help.

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I forget celebrities names.

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I have that happen a lot. I think it may be triggered more by the fact that someone “can’t remember” than anything else. We are suggestible.

As an aside, I am also an outstanding hypnotic subject. :-)

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@canidmajor ooooooh! That’s gotta be it. It’s suggestion!

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Old age. I sometimes remember only ½ of a word. It might be the first part, or it might be the

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@kritiper I always did this, ever since I can remember. If anything, I think it is decreasing with age

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There have been times when someone asked for a name that I also could not think of, but I never felt that the other person caused my forgetfulness.

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Yes, the suggestion to not remember things can make me not remember.

Ask me to write down a sentence with a word you don’t know how to spell, and I will probably write it correctly. But ask me how to spell a word that you don’t know how to spell, and I may become uncertain how to spell that word.

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Sort of?

Depends on the person asking. If someone who I think should know a word doesn’t know a word, it will make me second guess myself.

My brain goes Wait…this person is smart. Is this a trick question? Shit.
[overthink, overthink, draws a blank]

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That is a common happening. It’s called….ummm what is that called? Wait. It’s on the tip of my tongue.
Hold on… I’ll think of it….

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All my memory lapses are strictly my own fault.

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Sure. Then you sit blt upright at 3 am yelling the word.

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^^ Yup!

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* bolt * bolt upright.

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I was going to answer this question but by the time I down to the end, I forgot the question. Oh well, I’ll give you a “me too”. That generally works for most questions here.

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Anomia! That’s it! Good thing I don’t have it!

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