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What is your idea of traveling in style?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) September 7th, 2011

I was perusing a friend’s mailed in luxury liner cruise brochures to points all over the world, Europe, Asia and I got to wondering how people might have different notions of how it is to travel in style, which to me includes not only the way we dress up but the transportation means we utilize, which destination to go to, what luggage etc.

If you really have your way, how would you go about traveling in style or is this not at all important to you?

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Renting a private room on the train when I travel overnight.

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I’ve never been on a ship I wasn’t working on, so a cruise sounds super luxurious to me lol.

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It is not that important to me.I like to just hop in the car and go….or in a low wing vintage Beechcraft. :)

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Strap on my backpack, rifle, and snowshoes and walk quietly into the woods.

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To travel in the style I like, all I need is my motorcycle and a duffel bag with a weeks worth of clothes. I honestly have no desire for “high brow” travel.

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“Style” is simple for me, if I can have coffee before I get dressed whether I’ve slept in a tent, my car, on a boat or a hotel.

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Driving somewhere in a vehicle that doesn’t promise to break down at any moment.

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I’ve traveled first class and high class, but the best was 3 months in Europe traveling by motor scooter and camping every night. You go slow enough to really see what you go by. You meet people to talk to who aren’t just being nice because they have to. The food left something to be desired, but that was because of lack of money. Still, the cheaper food there was an adventure too.

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This chalet in northern Wisconsin.

one of the best vacations I ever had with my family

or maybe this resort, also in northern Wisconsin. The cabins were small, but very comfortable and homey.

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Travel in style to me means someone else does the driving and carries the luggage, the room at the hotel is all ready when I arrive, so I just walk right in. My clothes are all put away.

No waiting in lines, the food is brought right to my room, which is overlooking the beach. If I want to go out, there is a car waiting for me at the door and they have already chosen a restaurant for me.

There are as many towels as I need, and a robe and slippers are provided. Someone else is responsible for picking up after me and they bring me clean clothes every day.

The pool and the jacuzzi are the correct temperature and immaculately clean.

I had a very good experience when I went to Europe. There was a wheelchair for me at each airport, they took me through the check points, took care of my luggage, and took me directly from and to each flight at the two plane changes. There was no passenger in the seat next to me on four of the six planes I took.

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Going across country in one of those huge, deluxe motorhomes, following the path of Guy Fieri.

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If I can have my way then I like to dress nicely, as if I’m going to meet a friend for lunch.
plane- I do like the 1st class seats and complimentary beverages.
train- 1st class car if available. Sleeping nook rather than reclining seat.
car- I want one with navigation and a/c & heat vents all over the place. Minivans drive like turds but are generally comfortable.
boat- For the expense, I don’t see not bumping up and getting a view with open air access or a balcony.

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I worked in a 5 Star Hotel. Some dressed in suits, some dressed in Ed Hardy T’s and jeans (can you guess which were the douchebags, JJJJKKKKK).

But it’s all subjective to the individual. That’s why it’s STYLE. Style varies depending on different factors.

Me? While I could never afford it, traveling in style would be private plane to chauffeured Rolls, to 5 Star Restaurant . . . to whatever the “scene” is in the locale I am in.

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Flying the now defunct Midwest airlines after 9/11 scared me to fly big name airlines….it was stylin big time. Every seat on the plane was 1st class and took a limo to the airport to top it off…and then slept on the floor at my moms house in Tampa!

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Sleeping in bus shacks and getting fired from fine diners!

But nah, not really important to me.


A tin of Kiwi shoe polish.

A tube of Brylcreem.

That’s all I need! Lol.

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I’d like to ride side saddle on a Peruvian donkey with a gaggle of topless beauties in tow.
Their breasts gently bouncing in time with each trot. Hot & cold running concubines you might say.

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Ocean liners or VIA Rail.

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After today, it turns out traveling in style is being very flexible and have the credit card ability to change reservations on demand. I was stuck in the San Diego Power Outage of Sept, 2011 and managed to make it come out in my favor.

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I’m not comfortable in high-luxury accommodations. I don’t travel to new places in order to stay at the hotel and get spa treatments; I want to see the area in my own way. I was awarded a vacation and given a brochure of 3–5 star resorts to choose from. I chose a nice, family oriented 3 star with a supremely helpful concierge over a 5-star (we’ll plan your entire stay) resort.

So my idea of style is having staff tell me interesting things to see (preferably places that local people enjoy), call me a taxi and greet me with a smile on my return.

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The journey is everything.

The destination is almost immaterial.

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