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What does this dream mean?

Asked by jessyamr (143points) September 8th, 2011

It’s a dream about me (a girl) and two of my friends (boys), we were suddenly transported to a world called “The World Of Dreams”. So we walked through that world and whenever we meet someone in need, we help him until some people caught us because we were strangers to them. These people wanted to slaughter one of us, and throw another off a cliff in order for him to fly. Anyway before anything happens, the people we helped before came to help us, then we were freed. We continued walking and found another man who needs help so we helped him. By coincidence this man happened to be the King so, in compensation, he hired us three to be his assistants.
We went to his palace and we were given the right to use anything in the palace ( wear all kinds of clothes, all kinds of accessories, etc).
Suddenly, the king disappeared and the palace was surrounded by police from our world, when we got out we found ourselves back on Earth. We ran away from the police and that’s all.
Can you please tell me what does that mean?

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It means that you have a vivid imagination, and you should continue to enjoy it.

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In dream symbolism, commiting crimes represents Sex. So does Royalty.

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It’s a dream. It has no meaning.

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There is no such thing as dream symbolism. They don’t MEAN anything beyond “stuff that you have been thinking about”. All dreams do is show you what your brain is thinking of at the time, when it unwinds.

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Did you recently apply for a Government job?

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I had a very similar experience in WalMart one time—haven’t been back since. Keep dreamin’ and thinkin’—both activities are priceless.

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It means you’re pregnant.

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It means you are meant to be a famous author. You have a great imagination. But it is also possibly a dream about good and evil and your struggle with it and who is with you and who is against you. The dream has more levels than a tiramisu.

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It’s a sign that you should write young adult fantasy books for a living.

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You need help

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It means that you likely ate something spicy shortly before you went to bed.

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I’m in agreement with @downtide on this.

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