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Do you have any Macgyver skills?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14669points) September 8th, 2011

Have you built something recently out of aerosol spray cans and wire hangers?

Anything you own held together by Wrigley’s chewing gum and imagination?

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I fixed a pair of sunglasses with some wire and tape. It should totally count, no matter how unimpressive it is. Maybe if I’d soldered it instead… And I do have some pretty rockin’ hair, if I may say so myself.

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I fixed my new ( this year ) market umbrella that blew off my deck table and bent at the joint by pounding a nail into the bracket to stablize it. I was proud of myself, pretty clever for a blonde. lol

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My tire blew on the highway, and the explosion disconnected the front panel thing from the rest of the car, so it was just hanging off. I had a paperclip in my console and put that in place of where the screw was. I just straightened the paperclip out and tied it up.

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What? “The front panel thing”

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Made a killer hammock out of Duct tape with matching sandals at Scout summer camp.

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My air conditioning unit broke down last week and the repairman didn’t put the panel back on correctly so it was hanging down. I duct taped it. I love duct tape.

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Mom’s toilet was leaking and she couldn’t figure out why. After replacing the ballcock, cleaning the hose, and replacing various other parts, I realized that the flap in the tank wasn’t closing and sealing all the way. So I epoxied two .38 special bullets to the flap to weigh it down and seal properly.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Great usage of .38 bullets!

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Made a small bomb out of pine cones, pine sap, and pine needles and a few other ingredients

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WTF? Is that like some sort of stealth tar & feather weapon? lol


Lends a whole new meaning to “going” ballistic.

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I used the fancy duct tape on the corner of my motorhome that someone crashed off. To keep the rain out, right? And 25 years ago I used toothpaste to put the last tile up on the wall under my window.

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Being a single woman I always joke that if I can;t fix it with string, wire, duct tape or super glue I have to call someone. lol

Oh, and some of you know that Astroglide works great for lubing lizards stuck in flower pot holes. THAT was one of my all time Macgyver moves! Still makes me laugh when I think about it. :-D

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@Coloma nahhhh, it’s a nice fireball that’ll piss off a car owner to say the least.

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I don’t know if this counts as a MacGyver skill, but when I was in high school, I got it in my head that it would be a very useful skill to be able to take apart and put back together a pen with one hand. I got pretty good at this and I never had to brace the pen against something or put parts down. I figured this would be good in case I was ever handcuffed to something and all I had was a pen in my free hand that happened to be the kind of pen that one can take apart and put back together. It was great at keeping me occupied during class.

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I’ve carpeted my living room floor with dorg hair. Does that count?

Actually, the dorg did it. I just feed and water her. Well, touching her anywhere adds another square foot of “carpet”.

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I had a sink clog and didnt have any drain cleaner. I used baking soda and vinegar to unclog it.

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I have a degree in southern engineering. :)

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I macgyver everything lol. I never ever seem to have what is actually needed to fix shit that breaks and I’m poor so it comes down to just macgyvering a fix. I generally make out pretty well.

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I had a female acquaintance who just went nuts over Richard Dean Anderson when it was on TV. One time I brought her beer and watched an episode. We ended up boinking. Does that count?

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We had casement windows in the house we just moved from last year. Two of the bedroom windows wouldn’t close all the way. The opening was 1/8 inch. We could close it if someone would push on the window, but who’s going to do that 24/7. ;)

The windows needed to be closed in the winter to avoid a terrible draft. I bought some Gorilla Tape, pushed the window closed and secured it with the tape. It held the windows closed and we didn’t have a draft. This stuff is amazing. Much better than duct tape.

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Yes, I am Queen of the jerry-rig. Nothing lately, though; and nothing specific, sorry. Maybe, when I think about it, I can come up with some specifics.

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@lillycoyote I gave you a ga. I am trusting you to come up with something

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Hey..I’m going to get some Gorilla tape for my blonde tool kit. lol

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought A provisional GA, my first; a GA given because you trust me to actually provide a good answer in the future! That’s a lot of pressure! :-)

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LOL…instant carpet, just add dog.

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I made a fly catcher out of polythene, sellotape, matches and rubber bands. When wound up and released it would rise up to the ceiling and slowly cruise around catching flies.

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At a previous job, I was the only person who could completely un-jam the copier or fax machine. And when one of the validators would go wonky, they would come get me before calling tech support.

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@tedibear Oh yeah, your McCopier! : )

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I found myself in a foreign hotel late at night with no power adaptor, and wanted to use my laptop to let the folks at home know I would be a day late. After searching the room, I eventually I found a cordless kettle, and realised if I could bend the pins on my New Zealand laptop plug, it would fit the slotted power socket on the kettle base. After some more searching, I discovered a small bracket underneath a drawer to bend my plug pins and presto, I had power.

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