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What is the type of food that you don't prefer?

Asked by jessyamr (143points) September 9th, 2011

What is the food that you dislike now? Or what is the food that you didn’t prefer in your youth and you now love?

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Onions & cabbage & liver…......oh my!

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I dislike onions and cabbage too, but I love liver.
I don’t like spinach… at all

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I’ve always disliked tomatoes, oranges and sauerkraut.

I used to dislike Sheperd’s Pie, but now I love it.

And I used to love hot dogs, but now I can’t stand them.

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I’ve never liked mushrooms, and I’ve acquired a liking for broccoli.

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I’ve never eaten a whole banana in my life. I know, fascinating stuff eh? It’s like I bite into the bugger & then change my mind half way through, weird.

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Loved cookies and ice cream, now I don’t.
Disliked turkey, now I go for its drumsticks.

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Liver, definitely. And not too keen on parsnips, turnips, etc. etc. Tastes have changed over time though: used to hate olives and blue cheese, now can’t get enough of them. A tastebud swansong perhaps.

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I can tolerate almost anything (in small portions) except clam chowder and green or white condiments (guacomole/sour cream).. I also hated onions then I was fortunate to eat some sauteed and now you can’t keep me away from them.. (never liked pickles, still don’t).

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Not keen on cold cheese it has to be melted, except for mozzarella. Actually, not keen on most dairy things. I don’t like creamy salad dressings or cheesecake or cream cheese or sour cream or whipped cream, you get the idea. Ice cream is ok, but generally I don’t like the very creamy ones like Ben and Jerry’s, the fat density is one of their claims to fame, I prefer ice cream that has a strong flavor, rather than a creamy flavor.

@ucme my husband won’t eat bananas either, but he will eat things like banana bread,

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I cannot abide sea food, never have…. I do eat fish & chips occasionally though, When I visit Whitby it’s a must do I ritually enjoy.

Never liked sprouts as a kid but enjoy them now, same with spinach & cabbage…… :-/

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I can’t stand sea food either, I always hated it since I was born until now. I cannot eat it not even occasionally

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You would if you tried some Whitby Cod :-)

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Liver, Kidneys, Offal (my dad used to make offal pie yuuukkk), mutton.

Am allergic to shellfish, so physiologically I wont eat any sea food other than tinned tuna. Am not a huge fan of some fruit, apples, oranges (although I love orange juice) banana’s. I hate plain yogurt and frozen pea’s.

Quite fussy really

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I hated sprouts as a kid. I can eat them now but I am still not keen. I used to like dripping spread on bread as a kid. The thought disgusts me now.

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@Scooby I just remembered I do like Herring

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Head cheese. How the hell anyone can eat that is beyond me.

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Never tried Herring, come to think of it……. Though, what with the reduction in fish stocks these days I’m a little reluctant to eat any fish ( guilty conscience ) but I only visit Whitby two or three times a year, so I’m not too hard on myself :-/
I might try some Herring if I can get it…..

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I don’t think there’s a term for this in English [anyway I don’t know it]. A soup made from a cow’s stomach/belly. I puke only from the smell.

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@Scooby Yeah, you should try it. But if you still feel guilty about it, then I recommend not to try it :P

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I have never been a fan of organ meats. And boiled okra.

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Brains and eggs. Never had it, never will.

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@Hibernate Tripe (which is derived from the Frech) soup.

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I used to dislike broccoli and spinach, both of which I now love.
I used to like corned beef as a kid (wretched!) Now I’m vegetarian.

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I hate applesauce, fish, and potatoes…

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Mammal livers and any kidneys. They’re offal!

Thank God I have never been asked to eat Lutefisk.

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My big problem is with some foods that “feel” odd inside my mouth. Coconut and mushrooms are three major ones now. I used to have a problem with broccoli and cauliflower also but now I love both. I agree that tastes change. Some that I used to love I hate now and vice versa, but some will forever be disgusting!

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vegatables (except brocolli).

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A select few culinary atrocities have already been mentioned, such as head cheese and liver and onions. Bleh!

I also do not like pickled beets.

I am extremely picky about the meats I eat, which is little to begin with.

I have never understood the obsession with bloody raw prime rib and other cuts that are still bleeding when served. Gaaah!

I am also not overly fond of Sushi, a few types are good, mostly no.

Otherwise I like most everything.

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I can’t eat pork, it gives me the runs and I find the texture of ham particularly disturbing. In Korea I refused to eat dog, strickly on moral grounds. I would no more eat dog than I would children. I know that the Koreans see it different but, though I go to great lengths to accept local customs, I draw the line there.

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I used to hate anchovies, I now love them but don’t eat them since I’m vegan.

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Being vegan, but loving anchovies? Now that’s the first time I’ve heard that!

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OH! How could I forget? !!!



I traveled in Asia last year and while I loved almost everything, seaweed appetizers with cocktails…gag! Triple Gag!

I can handle the little freeze dried scraps wrapped around rice crackers, but slimey chunks of seaweed sprinkled with sesame seeds…hell no! haha

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@Coloma, and here I thought my husband and I had it bad- we were given Salmon for every meal while in Alaska. (side note- I love Salmon, just not constantly!)

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LOL..yes, too much of a good thing ceases to be good. haha

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Haggis or anything of the sort. Bleeeeck!

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@Cruiser – I agree, especially after I heard a detailed description of how they make it….

see also this:

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@stratman37 Thank you very little for that! I used to eat that stuff as a kid because my old man did and wanted to be just like my dad! Blech!

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I’m not as partial to brocoli as I used to be. My partner has to watch the foods she eats that contain goitrogens, so I don’t cook with them. It made me realize that, really, there are just better vegetables out there. Soy is another I used to eat and now almost never do. I still like crispy fried tofu once in a while, though.

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I’ve always disliked mayonnaise and stuff with vinegar.

As a kid I wouldn’t eat any meats except for ground beef. I also wouldn’t eat cooked onion or tomatoes, those bits would be sorted into little piles on my plate. As an adult though, I’ve come to like all kinds of meats, love cooked onion and tolerate cooked tomato pieces.

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I have an intolerance of raw dairy so anything involving uncooked milk or cream is off my menu.

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I hate anything with or made from tomatoes or vinegar. I can’t stand too much pepper. Bay leaves are annoying. I don’t enjoy any sort of fish. Oh, the list could go on.

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@marinelife I shall remember it. That was I won’t have to explain too much. I’ll just say four words and I’ll be done ^^ Thank you.

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