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State shout out!! Where are you from?

Asked by elman25 (159points) May 6th, 2008 from iPhone

fellow flutherians where are you guys and gals fluthering from

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South Jersey.

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LOL fastest responses to any of my questions…forgot to mention FLORIDA

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(Drat, you said it first, ebenezer.)

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California now, but born on the prairie in Iowa

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OR…grudgingly, right now

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Eugene, Oregon.

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Davis, California.

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Tasmania! That’s a little island state of Australia, not to be confused with Tanzania on a somewhat different continent.

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South Jersey aswell

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Serbia – EUROPE

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Nevada, the UFO capital of the world!

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Los Angeles, Ca

Or the 51st state

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Illinois…..Southern Illinois

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Denmark – Europe :-)

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From – or fluthering from?

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north carolina

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Noord Brabant….err, i live in holland

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Oregon. PDX.

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Originally Arizona, now living in the Netherlands.

I also believe my answer merits points.

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North Carolina

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Louisiana Cajun Girl!

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Minneapolis, Minnesota and proud of it!

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Washington (KPAE)

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New York State ! :-D

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Mississippi. Ne other Mississippians on flutter??

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I live on a small island 3,000 miles off the coats of Spain.

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I think I’m the only Flutherer in New Mexico.

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Southern California proud!

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The stars at night,
are big and bright,
(clap, clap, clap, clap),
deep in the heart of Texas.

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Cleveland, and hating it. Originally from Minsk, Belarus

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Originate from Faroe Islands (not ‘pharaoh’ and has nothing to do with Egypt)
Fluthering from Ireland

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@residents of Mexico… it too has states, like Quintana Roo, or Yucatán, or Campeche, et cetera.

Feel like breakin’ it down for us?

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Puebla, Mexico :D

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Illinois (Chicago), and now representing the Wyoming Flutherites, namely, me. (correct me if I’m wrong)

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wildflower, are you really in Ireland? OMG! Have you kissed the Blarney Stone, most eloquent, silver-tongued one?

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I live in Rennes it’s on the west coast of France

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hahahahah…....psyla, I think I swallowed a piece of it ;)

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Eastern Kentucky

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@wildflower~~I kissed it back in 2001 and told my friend from Ireland about it. He said that teens get up their at night and urinate on the stone. Ever heard that before?

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Not specifically, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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Urine is sterile. There are no pathological organisms to be found in urine unless the teenage urinator has a urinary tract infection. It is perfectly safe to kiss stones that have been previously urinated upon.

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I’d be more concerned about the ‘ew factor’.....not so much what – if any – things I’d contract…...that’s more likely do be down to the thousands of people who have left their saliva on there..

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Well, I barely got my lips on the stone anyways. It kinda freaked me out being bent backwards like that.

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That’s not half as bad as the climb back down those steps….

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Missouri (but I claim Colorado, or any other state besides MO) :)

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Mexico, Chihuahua. ARRIBA MI MEXICO LINDO!!

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Me gusta el verde Mary Jane árboles en California

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California- land of silicone and peroxide!

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@olddog dont generalize.

born in california; raised in california; now in tennessee.

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@Tennessee – Twas just a bit of humor

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@olddog i understand & i take no offense but i grew up in eureka, ca where there are very few siliconed and peroxided people.

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Seattle, WA,
Green Bay, WI
Depere, WI
Appleton, WI
Madison, WI
Davis, CA
Alameda, CA (By San Fransisco)
Sussex, WI (By Milwaukee)

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Currently, a state of nakedness.

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state of denial

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The armpit of America…You guessed it…Newark, New Jersey

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@olddog- That’s just SoCal you’re describing.

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eastern Montana

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