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Do you ever notice that women on TV or in movies always seem to sleep wearing a bra?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) September 11th, 2011

If TV is to be grounded in any reality, enough to make the unreal of TV seem real enough to relate to, shouldn’t TV characters be as much like real people as possible? Real people sleep topless, and they sleep nude. It seems, IMO, 97% of TV women sleep in a bra. That doesn’t seem to reflect real women based off those I have known over the years. If you are a woman do you sleep in a bra, if so, why? Not like you have to support anything laying down.

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I sleep in a jock strap.

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You’ll also notice that when they wake up not one strand of hair is out of place and for some reason bad morning breath is non-existant. Guess that’s a take.

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I sleep in a sports bra. It helps with the back pain, and generally improves my comfort. Sports bras keep your breasts right there, and they don’t move, which means one less thing I have to adjust in getting comfy. The women I’ve known who don’t sleep in bras are also the ones who can go without them during the day, the women with smaller breasts. There is no one “real woman”, women are different.

I don’t think TV tries to be totally realistic. Sometimes, if you’re trying to tell a bigger realism – like, how a spouse leaving you will just leave you totally blindsided and you might not always act as wonderfully as you think you would – you have to tidy up the smaller details. If an actor looks like they didn’t get any sleep and has bags under their eyes, or the apartment the scene is in is a total mess, then the audience is focusing on the bags under the eyes, and the stack of dishes in the sink, and not on the actor’s dialogue or portrayal of rage and dissociation.

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You’re right. Hollywood should represent real people… for some reason…

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I sleep with it off. It’s said that it’s not ‘healthy’ to sleep wearing one. For younger, teenage girls (like myself) I suppose.
That’s all I know.

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I notice the gals always scrunching the sheets up around their necks when they sit up just to talk to their ol’ man? It’s nice they have gotten the bedrooms arranged better than Ricky and Lucy Ricardo’s

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I sleep in a basque and stockings. Very comfortable.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I noticed exact the opposite. That women in movies don’t wear any bra when they are sleeping. Depends on what movies you watched.

woodcutter's avatar not too shabby ;)
crap again with the bad links. just google basque clothing

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Oh my…very cute :)

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@FutureMemory what? the girl or the basque? It probably doesn’t look as cute when I wear it.

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This is probably an FCC registriction. I agree that its not a normal routine for humans, but I think the FCC is protecting young eyes.

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NSFW? That wouldn’t be safe for my home!

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@Lightlyseared The outfit. The woman is kinda skanky, imo.

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I sleep nude.

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@HungryGuy where’s the fun in that?

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Are you sure it’s 97% and not 96% or 98%?

People in many movies and on TV make love wearing clothes also. It’s not supposed to reflect reality.

If you want real, put a mirror over your bed.

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@gailcalled the mirror over the bed thing is a bad idea. Have you any idea how many people end up in hospital after the thing has fallen on them?

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@Lightlyseared is that true? About the mirror?

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@ANef_is_Enuf to be honest I have no idea, but it sounds like it could be true . And sometimes that’s enough, don’t you think?

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@Lightlyseared: Or, to be on the safe side, lie on the bottom facing up and hold a hand mirror (assuming you have a free hand).

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I can understand why “big gals” do this. I mean a tit could fall out of bed in the dead of night smashing a nearby ashtray or something. Best to harness those puppies ;¬}

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LOL Big gals don’t have tits they have knockers. mmmm, knockers

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@Lightlyseared I sleep in a basque and stockings. How is that different from a teddy?

@Hibernate That women in movies don’t wear any bra when they are sleeping. Depends on what movies you watched. Big screen movies tend to be a slight bit more real than TV movies and shows.

@john65pennington I agree that its not a normal routine for humans, but I think the FCC is protecting young eyes. ”Protecting young eyes”, I always find that laughable. It is thought that a 9yr old watching a cable movie on a summer evening with an older sibling would be more scared by seeing a woman hop up from the bed topless, to go to the John chatting with her lover. Than it is to see a black van pull up next to a car, 5 paramilitary guys jump out, and start cut down a couple in their car with blood splattering all over the windshields, with chunks of flesh.

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A basque tends to be much more structured than a teddy. It is boned and often designed to exentuate ones bust (if youve got one) and waist. Also it has no bottom so you’d have to wear panties as well.


Yes, and they always go to bed with their make-up still on too. Lol.

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I sleep with my bra on. :P So I don’t see why they can’t…

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@Hypocrisy_Central I watched a lot of TV shows and a lot of big screen movies. I did notice they don’t wear any. Now it depends on the movies. I’ll pay more attention to the next ones and see which is what. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. Though I find it awful to sleep with it. Even if it’s a movie.

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Never noticed.

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