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I put on a little weight, why is this?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1809points) September 14th, 2011

I was a bit shocked when I had to get weighed only to see that I have put on a little weight.

But I have more doing much more exercises upper and lower body and I’ve also been trying to eat and drink better than I was before in past months too.

So why would I have gained weight?

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Things can shift in your body, lean body mass ( your muscles) can become more developed. Muscle is more dense than fat and weighs more. Maybe your body is just changing.

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Smoking. Food allergies.

Certain medication or asprin may be the culprit. Focusing only on low fat foods is one mistake many people make. These can be just as unhealthy for you as soda. Moderation is the key to living well.

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How old are you? How tall are you? What was your earlier weight and how much did you gain?

“A little weight” is relative.

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Muscle weighs more than fat.

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@AshlynM I don’t smoke. I have no food allergies, and I don’t take any medication. I might use some muscle rub cream if I am a little extra sore. I do admit I still drink soda here and there, however compared to how much I use to drink soda I think I am doing much better. I mostly only drink water now a days.If I do drink soda I stay away from the caffeine heard it dehydrates you.

@gailcalled I am 20 soon to be 21. I’m around 5’9 or so. My last weight was 155 or so. When I was weighed recently I was about 3lbs more.

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@CuriousLoner I wouldn’t worry about that amount of weight. Unless you put it on consistently, day after day.

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@CuriousLoner: Three lbs. is statistically meaningless at your 155 normal weight. It could be the time of day, how close to your last meal, the fullness or emptiness of your bladder and intestinal tract or the position of the moon and the tides.

Pay attention to the trend. If your weight continues to increase, then you have a problem.

And as for sodas, they are nasty whether they are loaded with sugar or artificial sweetener (and flavors and color). Drink water with ice, lemon juice and mint.

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It doesn’t matter much how much you weigh. If you’re trying to get into shape, measure yourself. Then count as the inches go down. I know every time I go running regularly, exercise, and eat right, i gain weight because I am replacing the fat with muscle. Which does weigh considerably more.

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@gailcalled Hm you are probably right. I was just kinda surprised when she told me the scale when I gained weight. I tend to not really monitor my weight that much so it caught me off guard. I will check it more closely for the next month and see how it goes. Whether or not this is normal….

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What @lucillelucillelucille and @gailcalled said.

And three pounds? That was lunch.

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You could be losing fat, but gaining muscle. You could be retaining water if you’ve eaten a lot of salt. Also, your body weight can fluctuate anywhere up to 5lbs in a day, depending on what time it is. The most “accurate” time to weigh yourself is in the morning before breakfast, before bathing, after relieving yourself, naked. Anything else could skew the number, like I mentioned above, up to 5-ish pounds.

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@poofandmook Wow up to 5lbs in a day. Never knew that. I will also give the morning before eating weight thing a try to see where I am really at.

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@CuriousLoner I’ve dropped 8 pounds in a basketball game.

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@Adirondackwannabe That is a lot sweat. Haha :)

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Adding on to what @poofandmook said, be sure to weigh at the SAME time everyday.

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3lbs??? That’s none existent weight gain. I fluctuate 5lbs during certain times of the month…but I don’t consider it a gain.

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A lot of variables. Is it a bad thing to put one some weight? I mean can you deal with it or you want to lose it?

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It’s pretty common for weight to fluctuate as much as 8 lbs in a day, depending on your water, bowel movements, etc. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you’re a wrestler or a jockey or something…

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