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Why do I always seem to get a stomachache right after drinking milk?

Asked by AshlynM (9887points) September 14th, 2011

I don’t think I’ve had this problem before as a kid or young adult.

I don’t know about chocolate milk, I don’t drink it that often.

I can eat cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese just fine without issues. It’s only milk that affects me. I only drink milk in cereal and with cookies but I still get stomachaches that usually go away in the same day.

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Lactose intolerant?

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Could be, but why only milk and not the other products?

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Still sounds like lactose intolerance, to me.

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You may be lactose intolerant. Try lactose-free milk (like Lactaid) and see if that helps.

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Try goat’s milk and see if you get a stomache. My bet is you won’t.

Some people with lactose intolerance have less of a reaction to cheeses and some have little reaction when chocolate is added to their milk.

If you feel the need to continue having milk if you discover it is an intolerance, you can have a lactose enzyme tablet prior to consumption…or buy the lactose-free versions (which are more readily available than they used to be)

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Different people with lactose intolerance have different levels of tolerance for different foods. I’d bet lactose intolerance as well. I have it, and it’s definitely worse with milk, for me.

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Join the club. It happened to me 2 years ago. Buy Lactaid and Silk milk.

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Sounds like either lactose intolerance or a dairy allergy.

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If you are Asian, and from your avatar, I would guess you are, a great many Asians are lactose intolerant. (an allergy to dairy products) I asked both Chinese and Japanese friends, because I had heard that was true.
They both agreed. Historically, there was only one Dynasty that had recipes that used milk. There’s a great creamed cabbage recipe, but you don’t see it in many Asian recipes.
Does cheese do the same thing to you?

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My wife has had this problem and has switched to Almond milk with great results…best part is my youngest LOVES the stuff!

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Everyone I know who is lactose intolerant is affected more by some dairy products than by others. Usually, milk is the worst for them.

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I am not affected by any other dairy products other than milk.

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@AshlynM My father wasn’t affected by anything other than milk at first either. Maybe it’s not lactose intolerance, but that seems the most likely explanation.

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@AshlynM a question for you: are you also okay with cooked milk (such as in a milk-based sauce), and UHT milk?

If you are then your problem is likely the same thing I have: intolerance of caesin; dairy protein rather than lactose. Cheese, yogurt and cooked milk products don’t cause a problem because fermenting and boiling breaks down the protein chains. I’ve had this problem since infancy and always assumed it was lactose, but it turned out not to be.

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