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How would you interpret dreaming about the same thing two times in a week?

Asked by dreamwolf (3163points) September 14th, 2011

How would you interpret a repetitious dream?

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two possibilities

1. something weighing heavy on your mind
2. omen of something to come/ guidance for a current situation

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@abysmalbeauty Do you think I should just ignore it? Approach whom it concerns? ::open question to anyone::

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@dreamwolf I never ignore my dreams… Can you share what it was about?

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@abysmalbeauty A girl, with whom I’ve thought about in the past has appeared. And there seems to be an agreeable mutual feeling between us. Then I come to realize, in the dream, that I have a girlfriend already, and that we are going to start our life soon. Am I having cold feet with this one? We’ve been through so much together and the other girl is out of the question she is taken. Sometimes I feel as if I should tell this girl that I had these dreams. Nothing sexual as in intercourse about them, just really lovely and respectable. I do admire her as a person overall. But we have no affiliation with eachother anymore, just from a couple semesters in college together.

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which parts of the dream are true to your life now? Are you about to get married?

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@abysmalbeauty Yes well my gf wants to get married. Even without a ring, but I’d really want to get a ring.

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You’re worried about something and it hasn’t gone away.

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I’d say its probably derived from the worry of the journey ahead and the innate fear that you may have picked the wrong person I don’t think there’s a need to contact the girl from the dream

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It’s on your mind.

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Either something is very heavily weighing on you, or you thought about the first dream so much that it came up again.

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It’s something you’re persistantly thinking about (maybe subconsciously).

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If it was the exact dream without any other added things then maybe it has a hidden emssage.

I sometimes dream the same dream after a couple of days but it usually comes with more details or some sort of “part 2”.

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