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Why do the blues make me feel better?

Asked by marinelife (62460points) September 18th, 2011

I was kind of down this morning.

Domestic problems had re-emerged.

I was not going to get to watch football with my husband (he’s working).

Then I got the idea to listen to the blues. Big Mama Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon, Howlin’ Wolf, etc. And, as always, when I do, my mood lifts.

How come? Doesn’t it seem counter-intuitive?

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You learn that things could always be worse.

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Could it be that commiseration is helping you to feel better? Something like talking with a friend where each of you shares your woes. The other thing it could be is that the music lets you spend some time really getting into your feelings. You get through them and then you can climb out.

And what @Judi said. :)

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I just find a good beat gets my mind off my troubles and I end up not wallowing but feel more like doing different things which makes me feel even better.

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Because Hound Dog Taylor , John Lee Hooker , and the Big Mama have the uncanny ability of getting your soul jumpin even in the bad times. The blues are all about survival, celebration during painful times, and sometimes they are just about letting the world go and escaping.

Hell, Big Mama inspired Elvis, singing Hound Dog long before Elvis snagged it.

George Thorogood dedicated a song to Hound Dog Taylor. The Hound had six fingers on his left hand and played with only one other guitarist and a drummer.

When I was upset about my wife using the credit card too much I listened to Albert Collins’ Mastercharge and when other events occurred later in life I listened to Too Many Dirty Dishes .

There is nothing but inspiration in the blues. I thought I was the only one who listened to them. =)

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Hey, just their names cheer me up.

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Because the Blues is sexy anmd sexy is good ! ;)


I’m like that too. I think when some people are sad or depressed, and they listen to sad songs, the sad songs allow people to “see” that they are not alone in their sadness/dejection, that it’s a very normal thing to feel as they do, because others have gone through the same experience. It’s a kind of emotional healing and counselling. Additionally, the music’s sad melodies pull at the listener’s heartstrings, the site where the hurt is, adding to the emotional comfort and healing.

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I think because good music makes everything better.
I know that listening to sad music when I’m sad is comforting. It helps to know that “someone” relates.

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The Blues, I find does as much for recovering mood as Jazz does for getting you “in the mood.” :)

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It makes people feel better that other people feel worse than them. It’s mildly sadistic and entirely therapeutic. It isn’t just the blues, either, watch a depressing movie in a low state and you will feel better.

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It makes you feel less alone.

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I think it’s an acknowledgement and transcendence of your own feelings.

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@lifeflame Hi, good to see you. How are you doing?

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