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Anyone got leads on a nice hotel in San Francisco, near Noe Valley, that is not super expensive?

Asked by janbb (51303points) September 18th, 2011

Pretty much what it says. Looking for a comfortable hotel or B&B in SF for a few days’ stay in October. Not looking to spend a fortune but willing to go above rock bottom. Any suggestions?

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Google a Noe Valley zipcode for B&B’s nearby. It’s a quaint neighborhood, more hipster than refined so you won’t find much “nice” except some older motels out towards Ocean Beach area. B&B’s are always being opened and online you can read up to date reviews.

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Yes, I know I can search online. Just was looking for some personal leads as well. Thanks.

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“Dolores Place

Dolores Place ( offers one room with a queen-size sleigh bed and white wood kitchenette. While the sage green carpet, harmoniously arranged sets of botanical prints and wide, wood-framed mirrors create a spacious, garden-like interior, the private deck is what keeps guests coming back. In a setting framed by hedges, potted succulents and low-lying flowers, visitors can linger over coffee as they enjoy views of the city below and the Twin Peaks above.

Inn San Francisco

So luxurious you’ll think you booked a boutique hotel by accident, the Inn San Francisco ( is the creme de la creme of Noe Valley bed and breakfasts. Set in an ornate Italianate, pale lavender mansion dating to 1872, the inn’s roof has a sheltered sundeck with hot tub surrounded by trellised vines and potted carnations. The inn’s 27 rooms, some with period fireplaces and clawfoot tubs, feature antique touches such stained-glass lamps and tapestries. Most rooms have double or queen beds, though two also have two twin beds for children or additional guests.

Noe’s Nest

Noe’s Nest ( offers guests their pick of four rooms and one suite tastefully decorated with sweeping valances, quilted headboards and dark wood furniture. Solid coral walls offset the intricately carved chairs and oriental vases in the guest dining area, where the owners serve a bagel buffet with fresh fruit and tarts each morning. Breakfast extends later than the typical hotel breakfast for those who prefer to sleep in, and the owners go out of their way to accommodate Kosher guests with designated breakfast ingredients.”

USA Today

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When considering where to stay, make sure you look at maps so that what you think is Noe Valley is the same as what’s being advertised. I lived in the Upper Haight and often walked to Noe Valley for breakfasts, a few blocks one way or the other and you might be in a skitchy place.

DO NOT stay anywhere the says the “heart of the Mission”, it’s no quaint spot at night for visitors, especially anyone in a personal or rental car. I didn’t open @marinelife‘s links but the Dolores neighborhood is not a good one either.

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Good hunting @marinelife! Sure you weren’t a librarian in a former life? Thanks.

And thanks a lot @Neizvestnaya – that is very helpful info. My son just moved to 24th St. and we are going out to visit.

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Went with Noe’s Nest for now. Delores Place looked lovely but was booked and the Inn was a little more expensive and a bit too Victorian kitschy looking but possibly nice. (But still happy to hear Gail’s input).

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@gailcalled You should be at the party in the Watering Hole chat room. It just started.

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The San Fran Zen Center had a charming little apartment on the third (top) floor with a tiny kitchenette and a balcony facing an inner courtyard. I stayed there 9 years ago and it was wonderful

Breakfast is included and is vegetarian and silent, but again very pleasant. Kitchen is open for hot drinks 24/7.

Someone sounds a loud gong at 5:30 Am for morning prayers. Then 50 heavy-footed young people thunder down the stairs. Then, very quiet again.

The location is very good; 300 Page St. SF

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@PhiNotPi: Thanks but not my thing.

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@gailcalled We are going for a record for the number of people in the room. Just open it in another window if you have to.

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You don’t want to spend a fortune? In SF? Good luck haha. I got lucky and did Time Share. But you’ll get better responses, and more of it, from YELP

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