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Can you tell me what cartoon I'm thinking of?

Asked by peedub (8698points) May 8th, 2008

My details are hazy at best, but I have to give it a go since it’s been bugging me for over a decade.

When [I saw it]: 1980’s
What channel: ???, possibly Nickelodeon
What: All I can remember really is that there were stick figures I believe were chalkboard drawings. They may have been in a school setting. I think I remember English accents.

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are you sure it was nickelodeon? Sounds like Simon in the land of chalk. The song was something like “my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true…”

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YES! I almost mentioned the name “SImon” but wasn’t sure if that was something I fabricated. Thank you!

It doesn’t have to be Nickelodeon. I think it just seemed to me to be like something on there, and I know I watched that channel a lot.

Found it.

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Do you remember Pinwheel and a big puppet snail?

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no. Are they in the same show? Do you remember the great space coaster?

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I loved Simon in the Land of the Chalkboard Drawings. I was so young, between 2 and 4 when I remember seeing those cartoons- from 1978–1981. Pre-Nickelodeon, although they may have aired on there later. I remember the song, “Well you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true, and it takes me, takes me, takes me over, climb the ladder with you,” or something like that. I still remember it:) Good times! I remember the name, “Pinwheel,” but nothing about it, but not a big puppet snail.

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