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Don't Ask, Don't Tell is over. Would you like to share your military past?

Asked by filmfann (49068points) September 20th, 2011

To our LGBT jellies: What awards or special honors have you won, while keeping your sexual preference a secret?
Were you prevented from enlisting? Were you kicked out? How hard was it to keep a secret like this?

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I’m bi, in the navy, big deal. I had friends who were gay. Everyone knew they were gay. Nobody cared.

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I never understood the point of DADT. I’m not in the service, but did anyone who was NOT an outsider really care?

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@unused_bagels: I’ve heard people in the military say that in the field, things like sexual preference and gender don’t matter when you have to rely on someone or have someone rely on you.

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Okay, 6 days this question is an orphan, yet I got 10 great questions before an answer was posted.
That is amazing.
I have no doubt this is a sensative question, and I understand peoples apprehension at answering.
I appreciate the posts. Thanks. Lurve to all.

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Is really over? I read about a relapse.

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