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Why is a mother naturally feeding her baby in uniform so upsetting to many?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 1st, 2013

It seem rather Bizarro World when more people will get their panties in a bunch because women are seen or appear in a photo naturally feeding their babies, using verbiage such as, ”unbecoming of the military”, ”disgraceful”, etc. One might think it was hype or misunderstood, but the timing of what happened in this article is suspect. Part of the commentary in the article said:

”The photo that caused the initial uproar featured two military moms breastfeeding their babies while wearing their Air National Guard uniforms. While many people were supportive of the women’s right to breastfeed whenever necessary, others felt that the picture was disrespectful to the military.”

Yet photos such as this one and that one get support and even praise. If you are going to be crazy enough to have women in the military and not bar them from childrearing during their tour, you have to expect the natural act of feeding a baby to occur. Why should feeding mothers be made to hide or not feeding in uniform when it is at least natural for them to do?

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Really? I thought this stupid issue of bearing a breast to feed an infant was settled in the 70’s.
Ridiculous! Fuck the military….mothers are mothers regardless of uniforms.

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No argument here! A babies gotta eat when a babies gotta eat!

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Well, when I saw from the photo that at least this wasn’t about “babies in uniform” nursing, then I don’t get it.

Babies in uniform, now, there’s an issue.

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Well, people have a problem with breastfeeding in public or in photographs, in general. Add something that’s supposedly ‘honorable’ like the military and those dirty women with their whore breasts better get out of there, damn sluts. It’s kind of like that and it’s very very stupid.

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Severe mental problems of some kind is all that comes to mind for me, I just don’t see how it is possible to have a problem with it. The very people who complain about it, more than likely spent their fair share of time sucking on a tit themselves, so it just does not make sense.

I think it is something going wrong in their brain, the same part of the brain that would have people walk around dressed in a burka.

Yes, it is a baby, yes it gets its food from boobs, what part of that is shocking?

I mean, it is not even sexual is it. I am a guy, I love me some tits just as much as the next guy, but looking at a photo like that, my first thought would be “milk” not “boob”.

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@poisonedantidote I really don’t think we’re dealing with people with ‘severe mental problems’ – we are literally dealing with ‘regular’ people here. Either that or I get to interact with the ‘severely mentally ill’ all the time. Good times. (not that I place value on the concept of insanity but let’s just keep it)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Keep in mind, that life here is very different. I live on Mallorca, a sunny beach island four tourists, you will see tits just by going out to the shops. All beaches are legally declared legal nudist areas, and I have been living here for close to 30 years now. Everyone I know has a very different attitude to breasts, in fact, most guys here have seen so many, that they don’t even like them that much, it is an island or ass men.

Maybe it is not a severe mental problem, but I do think something has gone wrong in the brain. It is a totally natural thing, and a rejection or disgust to something so natural, it has to be some kind of mental problem. Kind of how eating is natural, yet anorexics are disgusted by the idea of eating.

Sure, taking a dump is natural too, and people don’t like to see that, but that can spread disease so I kind of understand it.

If you said to someone here, “did you see that woman breast feeding”, they would likely respond something like “no, I was thinking about what movie to watch tonight, why do you ask”.

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I think people freak out about this stuff because it turns them on. They don’t like that it turns them on, so they get pissed off at the woman doing it, to externalize the negative feelings.

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@poisonedantidote I understand. I think however (and of course my sociology training is clear here) that people don’t really feel disgust, they just act disgusted.

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1. People in the US are so prudish that they find the sight of breasts offensive. Oh no, tits, how degenerate!
2. People in the US worship the military like a god.
1+2=3. Combining the offensive sight of tits with the military is outright blasphemy to them, like the picture of Muhammad with the bomb turban was to fundamentalist Muslims.

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My answer to people who are uptight about breastfeeding remains the same:
Whether you believe in creation or evolution, the breasts are there for one single purpose – to feed infants. Without breastfeeding, the human race would have gone extinct generations ago.

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Different people have different values. Yes, there are a lot of people who think that breastfeeding is shameful, and even more shameful for the military. This is how they were raised. This is what they believe, even if it makes no logical sense. So what else is new?

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Those women are walking MREs. I am sure people feel that women in the military are supposed to be asexual, somehow, but what could be a better way of turning guns into butter than starting with the cream?

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@filmfann What does it have to do with sex? Did you mean the bare breast or that people have sex to make babies.

I generally support breast feeding in public areas, I do have some lines I draw around it, but they are very liberal lines, and I also have no problem with a photo of a woman breast feeding her infant child, in fact for me I find it quite beautiful, madonna and child. I can understand why some people might find it odd to have women in uniform breast feeding, but I think they would find it odd seeing a man or woman feeding an infant a bottle in uniform also. I don’t think it is just the visibility of the breast. I think it has to do with expecting soldiers to be represented neat, pressed, standing tall and being serious. What do you think? Kind of like how when we are 10 years old we don’t think our teachers are married or even go to the bathroom.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Did you just make that answer up with no forethought? I would have to agree. I find lactating women with hard and heavier boobs arousing. : )

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@mazingerz88 I think homosexuals who do not like that they are homosexuals are the most verbal in their opposition to homosexual relationships. I assume it works exactly the same in breast feeding.

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Is a woman unnaturally feeding her baby in uniform (that’s a dangling participle, and has the baby clad in the uniform, FWIW) equally upsetting?

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You could have used “uniformed baby”. Just Saiyan.

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Well, I pictured a full grown man in uniform being nursed by his mother. Interesting image until I corrected it. Are nursing bras part of a standard uniform code? If she is in working clothes, why is she nursing just then? That can’t be part of her duties as a member of the armed forces. I am neutral about nursing in public, but in business uniform seems kind of out of place. A lady in nurse or fireman or police garb or other uniform, supposedly also on duty, would seem similarly also seem unfitting.

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Because people are fucking stupid, in general, when it comes to what breasts are naturally intended for.

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Because nakedness (or even implied nakedness) is a thing to be ashamed of in this Puritanical country.

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As much as I agree we are puritanical, there are probably strict rules for wearing a uniform in most countries. Length of sleeve, how it is buttoned, whether trousers can have cuffs, pantyhose required; along with length of hair, nails, and what attire is appropropriate to what function.

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It’s all like, hey girlie, show us your boobs. But once she does, OMFG heretic. I suppose people get all stick in the ass about this because of ’‘indecent exposure’’ wait those boobs weren’t for something sexual but damn it all, you have to feed the baby. No two ways around this. And even if there was, it’s like, if you don’t like it, fuck your ass.

As far as the military goes, if a woman is in the military, shouldn’t she get SOME time off to take care of her new born? What are they even doing in the army at that point? besides needing to make money, for places where the government doesn’t help out at all with this

If you are going to be crazy enough to have women in the military and not bar them from childrearing during their tour, you have to expect the natural act of feeding a baby to occur. Why should feeding mothers be made to hide or not feeding in uniform when it is at least natural for them to do?

Fuckin rights. It shouldn’t. I have no idea what it is about societies and cultures that still frown on this, but I’ll bet it’s rooted in those subjects. Sexuality, feminine inferiority and image are, unfortunately, still very damn prominent all over the place. Pisses me off.

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They should walk on the battlefield like that, hundreds of them, to the tune of thanks for the mammaries. No sane opponent would fire a single round, all war is ended…another positive for tits :¬)

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Breasts are sexual objects, intended for use by their adult female owners to attract and subsequently entertain a potential Adult Male Mate.

Just as the Master Bedroom of the house is a place for the Adult Male Head of the Household to receive sexual gratification from the Adult Female member of the household, not a place for children to rest comfortably with their parents after a nightmare.

This business of using the breasts to feed offspring should of course be done as little as possible, and then privately, so as not to distract from the Breast’s true occupation of entertaining the Adult Male Head of the Household.

We live in a civilised society, where we have developed chemical synthetic substitutes for lactation, so one can feed their squalling offspring without causing unsightly damage to the sacred Breasts of Male Entertainment.

You see, there is no reason any Female, much less a Female putting on airs and doing a job that is intended for Real Men, should ever have to reduce herself to the shameful act of providing natural nourishment to her offspring. In fact, why was she allowed to take time away from her post to breed? We’re at war!

Excuse me while I go vomit.

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Hey, @Seek_Kolinahr, don’t forget Adult and Juvenile Males within visual range of said Breasts, and the stimulation and titillation thereby provided for their amusement, fantasy and social commentary.

Otherwise, you nailed it. Them. Whatever.

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I don’t like it, it should be done in private.

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@Shippy, your answer surprises me. I see you as a pretty reasonable person. Can you say why you think babies should be fed in private or is it the uniform?

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@Judi There are lot’s of things that are considered natural, urinating, sex, kissing intimately, vomiting, I just feel that it’s a private affair between a child and it’s mother. I really don’t want to see a woman feeding her child in public. Just like I wouldn’t want to see her urinating in public.

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Ok. But feeding and urinating seem so different to me. I respect your opinion although I disagree with it.

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^^ It’s OK, you don’t have to agree. I also find this thought interesting. Today my titties are highly sexualized let me buy a slinky bra and today my titties are feeding machines. Maybe with a little sign in the cleavage! loll. Just so people know else can get confusing.

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Why is the baby in uniform?

But seriously. You actually wrote this: If you are going to be crazy enough to have women in the military and not bar them from childrearing during their tour, you have to expect the natural act of feeding a baby to occur.

Wtf were you high on when you wrote this obscene, mysogynistic backward and slightly retarded missive?

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Edit: “Baring” not “bearing”..but those babies are little bears at the

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@Mariah Because nakedness (or even implied nakedness) is a thing to be ashamed of in this Puritanical country. What nation are you speaking of, the US? The USA is far, far from being Puritanical. Sexual reference or innuendo is used to sell just about everything, from gum, beer, eye glasses, perfume, etc. Many students in college salivate at Spring Break because it means drunken girls exposing their breast and easy pickings for a shag in the bedroom. If you are still a virgin passed 15.3 months it must be because you are ugly and unattractive and could not pay a dog to boink you. Where you stand at the checkout line at the food store and more than have the women magazines on the rack has “sex” somewhere on the cover or attached to numerous articles; ”have sexy abs in 2 weeks”, ”sexy bedroom tricks to make you irresistible”, ”do these sexual things and get him to make to quit straddling the fence”, etc. I am not even getting to the movies, TV< and song lyrics, all of which will show the USA is nowhere near¬ Puritanical.

@zensky Wtf were you high on when you wrote this obscene, mysogynistic backward and slightly retarded missive? What, what, wha? You got some cheap larve of it so who cares how whacky it was. However, you have to clear up gross inaccuracies less some be mislead. I wrote it, and proud of it. Obscene, hardly. Misogynic and backwards, have you been sniffing something? Trying to imply that I have low brain capacity which equals being retarded, that might be obscene but then again it was not me calling mentally challenged people retarded. Check the plank in your own eye before you try to remove a mote from anyone else’s.

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Maybe it’s just how I perceive it then. I see sex in most everything the media puts out, that’s true. But all of that is supposed to appeal to our subconscious. Because we are human, and of course we are sexual beings. But I also see women getting shamed with names like whore and slut if they show their bodies more than certain people believe they should. I see things like a video game, I’ll show you a link if I can find it – in versions outside the US, there were naked women prisoners depicted. In the US, in order to avoid the M rating, the women were dead and mutilated instead of naked. Like that’s less offensive or disturbing than nudity. I see judgment cast upon people who choose to have sex outside of a relationship, or even in a relationship but too quickly by whatever standard. It’s like there’s sex everywhere in our culture but god damn you if you acknowledge it.

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@Hypocrisy_Central and @Mariah you’re both right.

We’re kind of schizo in this country regarding real nakedness, and especially public nudity. I have a somewhat illustrative story.

I went to an engineering / technical college in Massachusetts (which had been all-male until the year before I started, and was still over 90% male undergrads when I attended, starting in 1971). Since the school was relatively near my home, it wasn’t surprising that I had a few former high school classmates in my freshman class at college, too. Also, since the college was well known and respected, it wasn’t too surprising that some of the young women from my high school class, who were not classmates in college, had boyfriends there. Coincidentally, then, one of my female friends from high school, Betty, was having a relationship with a guy I didn’t know very well, but happened to have Jim, a former high school classmate, as his roommate.

Betty told me later about the first time she visited her new boyfriend’s college dorm room. Since the visit had been planned in advance, Jim had been informed and was going to be absent to allow them some privacy. So far, so good.

I hadn’t known Jim well in high school, but Betty told me about her visit, and how she had learned something about him, too.

Apparently Jim was a big fan of Playboy and Penthouse magazines (like who among us wasn’t when we moved into the dorms and had few, if any, female companions?). So she wasn’t too surprised or upset, having brothers herself, that Jim had a bulletin board covered with page upon page of his favorite photos of nude models from the magazines. No, she said, it wouldn’t have upset her one bit if he had covered the board with a sheet, turned it to the wall, or taken down the photos. She told me, and I believed her, that it wouldn’t have mattered to her if he had done nothing at all and left the board and all the photos in plain sight. What creeped her out was that he had painstakingly cut out ‘bikinis’ out of construction paper and taped them over the “offending parts” of the photos. She figured that it was a project that must have taken him several hours. And he had done it solely to avoid “offending” her.

Betty was horrified by that more than anything else. And that seems to be how we are about sex and nudity in this country. We put it out there, it’s everywhere you want to be, but it is painstakingly and very clearly covered up with a minimum of something “so as not to offend” ... and it sort of horrifies us that we make it so public, so obvious (and often so cheap), and yet we have to pretend to cover it up, too.

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