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How to get over or handle really bad anxiety?

Asked by livestrong (213points) September 20th, 2011 from iPhone

I couple years ago when I was shadowing a nurse I fainted. Ever since then I get really bad anxiety when I first start off at a new hospital. I noticed this all the time during clincals as a student nurse. Today was my first day as a new nurse and again my anxiety got the best of me. It’s like I am consantly working myself up and I don’t know what to do. I start feeling real hot then nauseus then my vision starts tunneling. This is the worst what can I do to get over this anxiety of passing out again?

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Taking deep, slow breaths really helps physiologically during an attack. You might want to do some short term therapy as well to reduce the strength of the anxiety.


Get the book by Dr. Claire Weekes, “Hope and Help For Your Nerves”. It’s an excellent book about anxiety attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders, etc.

The best point Dr. Weekes makes is that when you start to feel it come on, just let it “come”, don’t fight it. The more you try to fight the attack, the worse it becomes. You can overcome it by accepting it. Also, get sufficient sleep. A tired brain is more vulnerable to anxiety attacks.

But do get the book. There is help for your nerves.

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Get some of the herbal remedy, Calms Forte, Take two twice a day. It will help with your anxiety.

Otherwise, seek therapy.

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Short-term cognitive-behavioural therapy will equip someone with anxiety attacks with a set of reliable tools to cope with anxiety in various stages of the anxiety response.

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I agree that short-term CBT would be beneficial. I also think deep breathing is a really good tool in those situations.

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I know this was asked a while ago but how is it going? I suffer with anxiety too and after much resistance I decided to try medication…It’s not been easy but medication might help…I’m not generally a supporter but it can help along with the CBT, good sleep patterns and general healthy living

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