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Does one's facial hair grow faster when drinking alcohol in excess?

Asked by luminous00 (350points) May 8th, 2008

I noticed that whenever I go out and get absolutely tanked at night, the next morning I have a lot more stubble than if I hadn’t gone out.

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You sure it’s not just because you sleep in the next day?

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That’s retarded.

Maybe you just shave a different times when you go out. Or you wake up later the next day when you go out.

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No it does not cause you to grow hair faster.

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i never drink any and i have a sort of beard

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Alcholics generally have thicker fuller hair. There is an actual proper reason for this but I cant remember it at the moment. I look it up and post agian if I find it.

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I drink a lot. I’m not saying I’m an alcholic but I will say its a lot. Anywho… I can only grow a “half” beard. It grows great on my neck and jaw but slowly get thinner as it works its way to my cheeks.

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Perhaps you blacked out and missed a day.

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I suspect that perhaps after a night of intense partying your morning irritations such as beard growth may be amplified. It is also possible that you are slightly dehydrated which may make the stubble appear more prominent. The latter of course is just speculation on my part from my experience of becoming dehydrated after imbibing.

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It wasn’t a stupid question, I know a few people who experience this. No I didn’t sleep later the next day, generally I wake up even earlier than normal when hungover. I do, however, think that olddog might be right, it could have something to do with being dehydrated and the stubble feeling rougher than normal due to the sensitivity being turned up from dehydration.

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Shit, I was wondering why I look like Rip Van WInkle or a member of ZZ Top.

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No. In fact it works the exact opposite way. Alcohol decreases a mans testosterone instantly, and your facial hair will grow slower. For up to two weeks, actually.

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There is actually a surge of testosterone when you become intoxicated with alcohol because of the increase in dopamine wich causes testosterone production wich in the end stimulates facial hair growth

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YES. This happens to me too. I googled it and the ended up here and joined these forums so I could reply. Whenever I drink to excess I wake up with a beard!

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Hell yeah it does i drink a lot ive noticed this too i can shave go out drinking be hungover and already have to shave the following day but if i dont drink it takes about four to six days before i shave

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