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What happens in December (other than christmas) that doesn't occur in any other month?

Asked by ucme (45418points) September 23rd, 2011

Just thinking aloud really, answer whichever way you see fit.

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Winter Solstice?

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Britney Spears birthday.

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It’s the only month parents can relax. Secure in the knowledge that they possess the ultimate threat: “Santa’s watching you.”

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Apparently, a whole lot of things.


But, December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day. That’s kind of a big one.

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Given the number of babies that appear to be born in September, quite a bit of sex I would say.

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@Bellatrix I was a month premature and my birthday is in August…never had the guts to ask my mom about it though…not sure I want to, hehe.

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My theory is it’s the Christmas lights on the tree… gets people going. That or the Christmas parties. :-) I was born in April. My dad’s birthday was at the end of June… I often wonder if I was a little late arriving.

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It’s the only month when in the 31st day, you can joke with your friend and tell him “Okay, see you next year”

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My birthday! :)

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And my birthday, too!

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The end of the year.

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Christmas Sales! (sorry, that happens in November too. And October, September, and August).

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My birthday!
(The 27th. I expect cards. And if you say Awww… a Christmas baby! I’ll shoot you. ^_^)

@filmfann I saw Christmas trees and tinsel on sale at Wal Mart two weeks ago. It’s not even fucking AUTUMN yet. I swear, it’s the “War on Christmas” thing. They can’t beat our apathy, but they’ll shove it in our face six months out of the year!

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A general feeling of peace, good will towards men.

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Bah humbug.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Two dear, sweet friends of mine have Dec 27 as a birthday. It is fitting that you do too.

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D’aw… thank you, @filmfann

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I don’t know why but for me it just feels like December is full of people falling in love?

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Awww… an almost-New Year’s baby, @Seek_Kolinahr!

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Hey, some good stuff there, cheers folks!
I am surprised however that no one came up with my original thought when asking this question….....the letter D Please don’t kill me, I have kids ;¬}

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Christmas Eve?

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My birthday…on the 31st. And I also expect sympathy cards. That’s the worst day of the year, bar none, for a birthday if you want attention, a party and other forms of recognition.
In January we had:

My mother’s birthday – Dec. 6
My father’s birthday – Dec. 27
New Year’s Eve (my birthday)

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And my birthday!!

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In our family, five birthdays and an anniversary.

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