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How would you free yourself if hogtied in this situation?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19058points) September 23rd, 2011

True story. A friend of mine agreed to babysit a 10 year old boy from what other people might say, hell. He was being the friendly neighbor, volunteering for free. Tired, he drowsed off. He wakes up hogtied with Christmas lights. After 10 minutes of communicating, ranging from calm persuasion to outright indignant demand, the kid would not release him.

If this was you, what would you say and do to get the kid to release you as soon as? Thanks. : )

My friend did get release. After turning into the Hulk.

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Hey kid you did pretty good, but you messed up a bit, let me show you how to do it right… And then toss his now hogtied ass into bed and go back down and watch some tv.

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I’d probably have a nervous breakdown there and then! Kids tend to have that affect on me – bold kids especially. He’d be terrified and run for cover in his bedroom and I’d curl up in the foetal position, Christmas lights and all :/

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I’d go Hulk mode too. There’s no telling if this kid will want to pull out daddys gun and play cops and robbers and put a bullet through your brain. Hogtying thats a skill.

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I don’t know. Eventually I’d free myself but after I’d stay and chat with the kid to see what’s wrong.

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Christmas lights are easy to stretch and break through. I’d break through them, call his parents and demand they return right away, and then tell them how their child is the spawn of Chuckie, and site sources.

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Don’t wait. Hulk immediately. Then call the parents and tell them to find another nanny for their delinquent spawn. Oh, and I’ll be demanding my regular full night’s pay, I don’t care how early you had to come home or what we promised before.

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@mrrich724 Yeah about the lights but my friend mentioned lots of it that he just couldn’t do it.

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I’d probably try to talk to the kid at first and if that didn’t work, I’d use whatever force necessary to get out.

For those that say to call the parents right away, what about the fact that doing so means you have to tell the parents that you fell asleep while watching their child? That seems like a bigger issue than the fact that the child took advantage of the situation. Not to mention that you’d have to have been pretty heavily asleep to get hogtied so well that it took quite a bit to get out of it. Just sayin’...

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I agree with @Seaofclouds

Jeez..I’d have to be in a coma to not be aware someone was hogtying me. lol
I’d probably bribe the little shit with money to release me and never watch him again.
I’m waay too old now to deal with difficult kids, go away little heathens! lol

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Just how much had you friend drunk?

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Called him. He said he was just dead tired, totally out of it. And that it was not just the Christmas lights but the extension electrical cords. And this was how he was tied up.

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Hey, there are some people who just drift off and then they are out. My husband and my son are both like that. They can have entire conversations in their sleep, or fall out of bed, get up, go to the bathroom, come back and tuck themselves in without ever waking up. It’s pretty incredible.

If the kid was his frat buddy and duct-taped him to the ceiling, I wouldn’t be surprised. But he wasn’t. He’s ten. A ten year old that entraps his babysitter is a menace with no respect for his parent’s authority (which was, of course, transferred to the babysitter when they left.)

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@mazingerz88 I’m going to remain dubious. I can see wrapping the cords around your buddy without him waking up…barely… but the cinching part? No way. Somebody’s putting someone on.

And the ten year old, with his ten year old experience and his ten year old strength? Absurd.

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@6rant6 Based on the link, I did not see the neck tied up as how I imagined a hog tied human to be. He was on his stomach so bending the knee was easy and putting the arms together could be hardly felt, even with tightening. I was doing all sorts of knots in the cub scouts at 8?

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I’m sure it’s possible to sleep through it if you are a heavy sleeper. It’s just the fact that he fell asleep while watching the child would bother me (as a parent) more than the fact that my child tied him up.

@mazingerz88 What has this child done to others that gives him the bad rep? I’m curious because it seems to me that some of the responses are weighing heavily on this supposed reputation.

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@Seaofclouds That was an exaggeration on my part, based on my friend mentioning that the boy reminded him of that kid with John Ritter in that comedy movie, Problem Child (?) Now I realized I should have qualified that part of the statement fully.

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I wonder… has this kid being reading Calvin and Hobbes? it seems like a very C&H thing to do.

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Nahhh, uh uh
Never seen Calvin do something like that.
See it, did yah-?
Never seen him tie Hobbes tail,
Not even a paw, I never saw-!

( Although Hobbes, well, what he does rocket-slammin into Calvin at the door is kinda too dangerous for my taste )

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@mazingerz88 just the whole pranking and tormenting the babysat… like locking her out or flushing (pretending to) her homework down the toilet. Not so much as copycatting but being inspired by.

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@King_Pariah Darn. Forget that part. He locked her out then let her listen as he tells her boyfriend on the phone she’s not grade A girlfriend material or something like that. Psssh. This boy might have been exposed to C and H, you’re on to something here. : )

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